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MNEAF is defunct.
  • Retirefund | Send Message 17 May 2012

    TNR CEO discusses gold prospects in Alaska with Midas Letter--->http://dld.bz/b2k8y TRRXF.PK GLD SLV GG MNEAF.OB
      • Retirefund | Send Message 16 May 2012

        TNRs claim to giant copper project (Azules) draws 3rd party interest- Board to meet-->http://dld.bz/bzNy8 TRRXF.PK MNEAF.OB COPX BHP
          • Retirefund | Send Message 14 May 2012

            TNR Gold gets 3rd party offer for Solitario and interest in giant Los Azules project--->http://dld.bz/bzNy8 MNEAF.OB MUX XSRAF.PK AAUKF.PK
              • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 19 Jan 2012

                MNEAF.OB merger with UXG is complete. New ticker symbol will be MUX!
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                • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 20 Jan 2012
                  : The merged company now allows UXG to have the cashflow it needs to explore. Could be an explosive stock!!
                  • Retirefund | Send Message 27 Oct 2011

                    This little known court case could make investors millions in copper. http://bit.ly/szDi35 (TRRXF.PK) (ZSRAF.PK) (MNEAF.OB) (COPX)
                      • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 7 Feb 2011

                        MNEAF.OB has announced that it has received USD 19.1 mill from the warrants exercise. http://tinyurl.com/4f2zh88
                          • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 6 Feb 2011

                            MNEAF.OB warrants overhang has finished it seems.Hopefully we will get good news with regards to Q4 andsomeannouncementregardingAMEX listing
                              • Danny Furman | Send Message 17 Mar 2010

                                Selling PM stocks (MNEAF.OB & AUQ) to allocate $ to trades/investments I understand better. Silver coins bought May 09 enough 2 insure fiat
                                  • Danny Furman | Send Message 17 Nov 2009

                                    MNEAF.OB reports Q3 net income of $5.2M, with silver production over 1.4M at a cash cost of $4.75/oz. Mkt cap under $200M, nowhere near...
                                      • Danny Furman | Send Message 21 Oct 2009

                                        Minera Andes (MNEAF.OB) resumes production. Support at .67 and lots of upside with silver production at an all time high.