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Mallinckrodt PLC (MNK)

  • oneotherfool | Send Message 25 Aug

    Just bought a small starter position in $MNK at $81.1. Huge insider buys reported yesterday.
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    • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Aug
      : More buys reported today; one for $40K and another for $80K, by the same guys who purchased Friday (one of them is CEO).
    • oneotherfool | Send Message 20h
      : Another buy of $50k reported this morning.
      • oneotherfool | Send Message 20 Aug

        $MNK is interesting here. Solid $11B market cap company. Retraced 33% from the highs and 27% since earnings Aug 4. Sell off is over done.
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        • oneotherfool | Send Message 24 Aug
          : wheelz, I was just checking $MNK. Insiders bought tons on Friday at the high $80s. CEO bought $176K worth another $210K worth.
        • oneotherfool | Send Message 24 Aug
          : I may actually buy soon if it dips further or doesn't bounce back.
          • EP Vantage | Send Message 12 Aug

            Mallinckrodt Buys Cancer Cell Therapy For $1.3 Billion $MNK
              • Tom Lloyd | Send Message 11 Aug

                $MNK at 102 tgt105? See my latest comment
                  • Tom Lloyd | Send Message 10 Aug

                    $MNK is following my SA published trading plan
                      • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 10 Aug

                        Wall street analysts are way too optimistic on $MNK. Our model expect about $105 next year, not $138
                          • Tom Lloyd | Send Message 7 Aug

                            $MNK at 100, I nailed it
                              • Tom Lloyd | Send Message 7 Aug

                                Mallinckrodt Taken To The Woodshed $MNK
                                  • Tom Lloyd | Send Message 6 Aug

                                    $MNK, I am looking to trade the bounce up,nice bounce off strong support at 94-95 today.Volume dropped in half. I think I will wait for Fri
                                      • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 4 Aug

                                        $MNK trading at a 36% discount for a reason?
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                                        • Estella Jenkins | Send Message 4 Aug
                                          : $MNK maybe it will be a good bear trap followed by a squeeze, optimism doesn't make money though
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                                          Company Description
                                          Mallinckrodt PLC develops, manufactures, markets & distributes generic specialty pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic imaging agents. It operates in two segments; Specialty Pharmaceuticals & Global Medical Imaging.