Mallinckrodt PLC (MNK) - NYSE
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    Damn $MNK. I anticipated this move &placed a bid in the pre-market...came pennies close to it, and took off :(..$VRX was on fire in the pre
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    • oneotherfool | Send Message 21 Jul
      : user199, excellent! I"m glad you took advantage of it all the way from $56.
    • user199 | Send Message 21 Jul
      : Thanks one on your guidance on this! and of course Big Thanks! for keeping patience and answering my silly questions :)
      • oneotherfool | Send Message 12 Jul

        $MNK, selling the chunk I picked up at $59.6 ~4% higher. It's having trouble breaking resistance here...even with the market being green.
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        • oneotherfool | Send Message 12 Jul
          : May come back soon (prior to early Aug earnings), if we stay or go lower.
          • Jason Napodano, CFA | Send Message 14 Jun

            Relmada's LevoCap ER Is A Target For Specialty Pharma >> // $RLMD << $DEPO $MNK $ENDP $PFE $HZNP
              • oneotherfool | Send Message 10 Jun

                Back in $MNK $59.66.
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                • oneotherfool | Send Message 12 Jul
                  : Therefore, I'm exiting what I picked up at $59.6 here at $62. May revisit prior to earnings if we're still at these levels, or lower.
                • IndyPEG | Send Message 12 Jul
                  : Booyah
                  • The Capitolist | Send Message 6 Jun

                    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals: Is “MS Relapse” The Philidor Of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals? $MNK
                      • oneotherfool | Send Message 2 Jun

                        I said $MNK would hit $65 in the near term, 2 weeks did yesterday.
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                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 2 Jun
                          : Right on OOF. Will run more with a favorable $VRX reaction
                        • oneotherfool | Send Message 2 Jun
                          : Unfortunately, sellers are not done selling $TNXP. Killed the pop momentum.
                          • Click Investing | Send Message 23 May

                            Does Mallinckrodt Deserve The Short Attention? $MNK
                              • oneotherfool | Send Message 19 May

                                $MNK's sell today was at $59 for +7% profit in less than 2 weeks. Wash rinse repeat ....wash rinse repeat....
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                                • FortSumter | Send Message 20 May
                                  : Nice! In this market that's a real win.
                                  • oneotherfool | Send Message 19 May

                                    $TNXP, with less risk now, I found it tempting to add at $2.7. I did. Had to get out of $MNK. Hate to get out on a down day;
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                                    • oneotherfool | Send Message 20 May
                                      : Look at that dump at 2pm....just constant dumping all day yesterday and today. This is bringing in traders etc..
                                    • oneotherfool | Send Message 20 May
                                      : Just for fun, I'll say it's "MILLENNIUM MANAGEMENT LLC". They dumped 150k in Q1. Maybe they're selling out. they had 762,400 on Mar 31st.
                                      • Brad Kenagy | Send Message 17 May

                                        Mallinckrodt $MNK is down 50% in the last year and is now worth considering.
                                          Company Description
                                          Mallinckrodt Plc is a global specialty pharmaceuticals company. It develops, manufactures, markets and distributes both branded and generic specialty pharmaceutical products and medical imaging agents. The company operates its business through two segments: Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Global... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
                                          Country: Ireland