Mallinckrodt PLC(MNK)- NYSE
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    Bullish Watch-List to Carry You Through This Week | $HUN $MNK $GM $ADSK $INTC $C $KKR $NKTR $CRM $ALNY $BIDU
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        Hey OOF; get ready for yet another btfd on $MNK
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        • IndyPEG | Send Message 25 Aug
          : Got a level picked out? I haven't charted the name in awhile. Been busy with $AAOI, $LCI, and $UVE
        • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Aug
          : Not sure if it'll go as far as filling the gap? It's a scary gap down to $67.
          • Fred Piard | Send Message 9 Aug

            After $MNK last week, $ENDP going wild in our Global Household index portfolio
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                $MNK I'm completely out. Sold last chunk at $80.44. You've been good to me, $MNK. I'm sure I'll come back.
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                • IndyPEG | Send Message 5 Aug
                  : Righteous. Love that thing
                  • oneotherfool | Send Message 3 Aug

                    $MNK is burning them shorts, slowly.
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                    • oneotherfool | Send Message 3 Aug
                      : You couldn't have known. It was typical to bring it back down after earnings...Shorts have had decent control on selling at resistance $66 was a good call...Now in hindsight it isn't, but it could have gone either way I guess is my point.
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                      : I've had this initial position in the low $80s for about a year now...hence why I held on to it...but done a LOT of trading on it, and all of them were profitable trades....I may exit my initial position soon.
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                        Why Mallinckrodt Upside Is Limited To About 18% $MNK
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                            Premarket Top % Gainers: $SINO 64%, $ESEA 29%, $ADXS 24%, $TRXC 23%, $TOPS 18%, $CTRV, $CGNX $NXTD $SODA $CBIO $AMKR $IPI $PSTI $AVP $MNK
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                                $MNK that's why it's a gift every time it dips or gets a short attack...or when it falls with $VRX...another great Quarter...
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                                  : There we go...hit $75.
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                                  : Nice One! 2 hits in a row :)
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                                    Premarket Top % Gainers: $TRXC 27%, $SODA 15%, $CGNX 14%, $AMKR 13% $PSTI $CTRV $SINO $PRKR $ESEA $OGEN $KOOL $VECO $MNK $RNVA $TOPS $BNSO
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                                        Damn $MNK. I anticipated this move &placed a bid in the pre-market...came pennies close to it, and took off :(..$VRX was on fire in the pre
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                                          : user199, excellent! I"m glad you took advantage of it all the way from $56.
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                                          : Thanks one on your guidance on this! and of course Big Thanks! for keeping patience and answering my silly questions :)
                                          Company Description
                                          Mallinckrodt Plc operates as a global specialty pharmaceuticals company. It develops, manufactures, markets and distributes both branded and generic specialty pharmaceutical products and medical imaging agents. It operates through the following segments: Specialty Brands, Specialty Generics, and... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
                                          Country: Ireland