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Monsanto Company (MON)

  • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 26 Nov

    $MON $CERE Ceres Bringing New Biotechnology To The Table
      • timtrading | Send Message 17 Nov

        sma crossover screener $NUAN,$ABEV,$PX,$AZN,$RAI,$MAS,$SFUN,$SHY,$TWX,$MON
          • timtrading | Send Message 17 Nov

            ema crossover screener $NUAN,$ABEV,$PX,$AZN,$RAI,$MAS,$SFUN,$SHY,$TWX,$MON
              • tiger8896 | Send Message 13 Nov

                $MON up strongly in a down market on a FRI. could be some M&A deal over the weekend perhaps. Low volume though.
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                • D-struction | Send Message 13 Nov
                  : Bought some $EMN yesterday. Strong as well.
                • tiger8896 | Send Message 17 Nov
                  : Looks like I was right about the M&A. First ChemChina bids for SYT and now MON will probably up their bid now that ChemChina is in the game.
                  • Trader's Profit Compass | Send Message 10 Nov

                    $MON Bought NOV 93.5P at 1.38 small pos
                      • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 24 Oct

                        $MON Has the burrito bubble burst?
                          • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 21 Oct
                              • Valuentum | Send Message 19 Oct

                                Monsanto Harvests Jobs To Cut Costs $MON
                                  • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 19 Oct

                                    $MON Damning Evidence Has Been Obtained That Monsanto Was Deliberately Harmed - See more at:
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                                    • morfinus | Send Message 25 Oct
                                      : Monsanto is deliberately harming humanity.
                                      • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 18 Oct

                                        $MON An interesting comparison, don't you think?
                                          Company Description
                                          Monsanto Co along with its subsidiaries provides agricultural products for farmers. Its seeds, biotechnology traits, herbicides and precision agriculture products provide farmers with solutions that improve productivity.