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  UBS ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Mortgage REIT ETN - NYSEARCA

10/2/2014, 8:30 AM ET
  • Sebastien Couvidat | Send Message 22 Jan

    Again $MORL did not pay its dividend on time: it was supposed to land today on my account, but is late, unlike UBS Etracs ETNs BDCL and MLPL
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    • Rubenov | Send Message 23 Jan
      : Yep, came in at midnight, so it came in just like any other divi would have. They never appear in your account the morning of the supposed
    • Rubenov | Send Message 23 Jan
      : payment day.
      MORL vs. ETF Alternatives
      MORL Description
      The ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT ETN (NYSE: MORL) ("MORL" or the "ETN") is an exchange-traded note linked to the monthly compounded 2x leveraged performance of the Market Vectors® Global Mortgage REITs Index (the "Index"), reduced by the Accrued Fees. MORL is listed on the NYSE Arca exchange, is denominated in USD, and pays a USD-denominated variable monthly coupon linked to 2 times the cash distributions, if any, on the Index constituents, less any withholding taxes.
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      Country: United States
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