Mettler Toledo International Inc.(MTD)- NYSE
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    Holy Toledo! Mettler-Toledo International Inc. Is Too Expensive Right Now $MTD
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        Evaluating Mettler-Toledo's Valuation $MTD
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            Do you think $MTD is a buy?
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                Returning Upgrades (5/3/13): $JCOM, $KMB, $KHC, $KSU, $LRN, $MAA, $MAS, $MASI, $MHK, $MTD, $MTZ, $NAV, $ODFL, $OMCL, $OPEN
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                    Potential Downgrades (5/1/13): $HFC, $HIW, $HSNI, $IP, $JNJ, $LPLA, $LYB, $MDCO, $MSCC, $MTD, $NIHD, $NOW, $OSK, $PCH, $PH, $RDEN, $ROC
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                        High grade new issuance totaled $6.5bn yesterday. MTD $20.9bn has been issued taking the YTD total to $392bn.
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                            Top Capital Goods stocks- AIT, AOS, CR, GLW, GR, LFUS, TDY, VMI, WSII, WTS, ATU, AVT, COHU, DHR, FLIR, GD, MTD, NOC
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                                Spread in MTD % change in low-quality vs. high-quality in model portfolio was ~1.50% a few days ago. Now only ~0.30%:
                                  Company Description
                                  Mettler-Toledo International, Inc. manufactures and markets precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. It also provides analytical instruments for use in life science, reaction engineering and real-time analytic systems used in drug and chemical... More
                                  Sector: Healthcare
                                  Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
                                  Country: United States