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  MGIC Investment Corporation (MTG) - NYSE

  • humahuaca | Send Message 27 Dec 2011

    Kyle Bass owns 5% (max allowed) of MTG, anybody else coat-tail like I did? Thinking of adding some more. He thinks it's a triple in 3-5 yrs
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    • Mercy Jimenez | Send Message 27 Dec 2011
      : humahuaca, in case you missed 2 recent Kyle Bass interviews w/ good insight: (10 min) (1 hr)
    • humahuaca | Send Message 27 Dec 2011
      : thanks! I don't think I have seen those. The guy is really interesting, I just think his nickel investment is all wrong, lol.
      MTG vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      MGIC Investment Corporation is a holding company which through its subsidiaries, mainly engaged in the mortgage insurance business.