BlackRock MuniHoldings Quality Fund(MUS)- NYSE
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    20 Potentially Undervalued Dividend Stocks - - $WNR $TIS $TKC $NEWT $NTI $MUS $NRZ $SMFG $AGU $ARI $BKE $FIG
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        Activist Shorts: Best Calls Of 2015 $WU $NBL $NG $BMI $CALL $ZAGG $PFPT $ACAS $SFUN $MUS $NQ $IRBT $BOFI
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            Will Dish And T-Mobile Merger Affect Verizon? $MUS, $VZ -
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                Wow! 15 muni funds @ new highs: $EVN, $MUS, $MYI, $MUI, $MUC, $MUE, $ITM, $MCA, $PZA, $PML, $BFK, $BFZ, $MYN, $NVG, $PML (6-7% yields)
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                • Dr. Kris | Send Message 5 Jan 2012
                  : Haven't looked at these in detail but I'd consider those that trade at higher volumes (BFK, MYI, MUI, ITM, PZA). Also, check fund tax status
                • 2975hbr140 | Send Message 5 Jan 2012
                  : Fair enough.
                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 7 Dec 2011

                    Muni bond funds continue to rock! At new highs: $NPX, $MQT, $MUI, $MUS, $BFZ, $MCA, $NVG, $NVG, $NPM, $NPP, $NPX, $NVG. 6-7% yields
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                    • Dr. Kris | Send Message 20 Dec 2011
                      : Muni's have been smokin' for a while. No personal faves. Not sure if a fund in your state is free of state tax...
                    • 46goat | Send Message 21 Dec 2011
                      : Thanks. No state income tax in Nevada. I was referring to fed taxes.
                      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 5 May 2011

                        Muni movers: Muni bond funds have been sneaking up. Breaking out in the past two days are: MUB, ITM, MFL, PZA, MCA, TFI, MUS. Check 'em out!
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                            Munis not dead yet! New highs today: AFB, BFK, EIM, LEO, NPM, NPP, NPX, MUC, MDLZ, MUS, NVG. Most d/y's 6%-7+%.
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                            • drjohnp | Send Message 9 Apr 2014
                              : Hi Dr. Kris what is your 10 favorite tax exempt Munis ? You think timming is good to be buying? I like AFB,VGM
                              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 3 Aug 2010

                                Income Funds #2: Munis (NZF, NVG, MVF, PMO, MYN, CXE, NPM, MUC, NAD, MUI, MYI, NPP, MCA, MHN, MUS, DSM, VGM). Most d/y's around 6%.
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                                    Munis continue to rock! New highs today: MYF, MFL, NZF, NPF, MYN, MUI, NPX, DSM, NVG, MHN, MUE, MUS, MUC, MQY, NFP, NZF, NVG, MCA. D/Ys 6-7%
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                                        A 69% Capital Gains Tax Hike . . .Pelosi's 5.4% income surtax would hit capital gains and dividends $DIA $MUS $SPY #ETF
                                          Company Description
                                          To provide shareholders with as high a level of current income exempt from federal income taxes by investing primarily in a portfolio of long-term, investment-grade municipal obligations, the interest on which is exempt from federal income tax. It also may
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
                                          Country: United States