BlackRock MuniYield Investment Fund(MYF)- NYSE
  • ltfinger | Send Message 2 Sep 2014

    End of Month Rising Stars (AUG 14): $BYI, $MYF, $C, $ENZN, $HTCH, $IGT, $PCH, $SCLN, $TTF, $URS, $VII, $WRE
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 2 Dec 2011

        Munis on the move: Muni funds have been rallying recently. At new highs today: $NMO, $MYI, $MQY, $BFZ, $KSM, $MFM, $MYF, $OIA. 6-7% yields.
          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 2 Aug 2010

            Munis continue to rock! New highs today: MYF, MFL, NZF, NPF, MYN, MUI, NPX, DSM, NVG, MHN, MUE, MUS, MUC, MQY, NFP, NZF, NVG, MCA. D/Ys 6-7%
              Company Description
              To provide as high a level of current income exempt from federal taxes as is consistent with its investment policies and prudent investment management by investing primarily in a portfolio of long-term municipal obligations the interest on which is exempt
              Sector: Financial
              Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
              Country: United States