Teucrium Natural Gas ETF(NAGS)- NYSEARCA
NAGS is defunct since December 18, 2015. Lack of AUM
  • RENZRZ | Send Message 9 Jun 2015

    http://bit.ly/1KTn4pZ Nat Gas has delivered, Crude next. $UGAZ $FCG $GASL $GASZ $GAZ $KOLD $NAGS $UGAZ $UNG $UWTI $DWTI
      • RENZRZ | Send Message 2 Jun 2015

        http://bit.ly/1M2HWvm History Repeats As Crude & Nat Gas Drop us a gift $UGAZ $FCG $GASL $GASZ $GAZ $KOLD $NAGS $UGAZ $UNG $UWTI $DWTI
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        • RENZRZ | Send Message 4 Jun 2015
          : I balanced with dgaz today, and previously, but am weary about holding dgaz as sub $3 ng is a dangerous short IMO
        • fwsk | Send Message 4 Jun 2015
          : yea, hold some ugaz, leave some dry power trading around ugaz/dgaz
          • RENZRZ | Send Message 30 May 2015

            http://bit.ly/1GdgyN0 A great opportunity in Natural Gas may be unfolding $DGAZ $UGAZ $FCG $GASL $GASZ $GAZ $KOLD $NAGS $UGAZ $UNG $UNL
              • coastside1000 | Send Message 6 Nov 2013

                $NAGS has been volatile lately. It's up 7% today. What's going on?
                  • Robin Handler | Send Message 5 Mar 2012

                    Natural Gas is ready for a pop up. ETFS -- UNG,FCG, GAZ, UNL, NAGS
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