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Nanophase Technologies Corp. (NANX)

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    $NANO Nanoman on Auction at--> $NSPH $NNVC $NTEK $NSTG $CTLE $NANX $NNLX
      • Retirefund | Send Message 26 Jun
          • cb521 | Send Message 16 Mar 2014

            Whats up $NANX why isn't it moving up
              • The_American | Send Message 10 Mar 2012

                YINN & YANG is the FXI like the SSO version. NANX NSPH NANO Market up huge even more in EUO zone ING SCGLY AEG IRE
                  • The_American | Send Message 3 Jan 2012

                    AONEQ.PK BWEN VLNCQ.OB FCEL CPST ALTI NANX GE along with GAS can convert each vehicle to BIOF PEIX for 70dollars as they do in Brazil until reality
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                    • The_American | Send Message 2 Mar 2012
                      : FCEL doubled in 3 weeks. We are increasing into gas to keep cost down BFRE.OB up HUGE this month. They refine garbage into BIOF RTK is a buy
                    • mrmohandez | Send Message 9 Mar 2014
                      : do you now why VLNCQ is not trading i tried few time on Friday to buy but no trading
                      • The_American | Send Message 17 Dec 2011

                        Why GE is not investing into CPST HTM BWEN RTK BFRE.OB ALTI NANX NSPH STEM CTIC or PFE MRK BMY for next gen products and GRASS ROOT GROWTH S
                          • rick flair | Send Message 11 Mar 2011

                            my NANX short working great....thanx losers...
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                                anyone short NANX?
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                                    NANX, chart ....
                                      • rick flair | Send Message 2 Feb 2011

                                        any more NANX shorts?
                                          Company Description
                                          Nanophase is a nanomaterials and applications developer and commercial manufacturer with an integrated family of nanomaterial and related technologies. We produce engineered nano and sub-micron materials for use in a variety of diverse existing and developing markets: personal care including... More