Nordic American Tankers Limited

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  • wilkinson99 | Send Message 8 Feb

    Earnings 02/08 Before the Open: $BWP $CTSH $DO $HAS $MCY $ON $SIRO $WEX beat estimates; $CNA $CTS $L $LII $NAT $VRTU missed estimates
      • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 4 Feb Earning Play For Feb 5th - 8th: $USG, $TSN, $WETF, $NAT, $DO, $HAS, $MOH, $UNIS, $YELP, $ONVO
          • Investor RockieK | Send Message 2 Feb

            March to December light sweet contango right at $9 ... $TNK $NNA $NAP $NAT $FRO
              • Arie Goren | Send Message 26 Jan

                Nordic American Tankers Raises Dividend, Now Yielding 13.4% $NAT
                  • Dividends4Life | Send Message 18 Jan

                    Companies Showing Confidence With Increased Dividends $OHI, $NAT, $FAST
                      • Investor RockieK | Send Message 31 Dec 2015

               Earnings will double. DOUBLE!! $TNK $NNA $NAT $DHT!! 2016 - time for the second half
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                        • Investor RockieK | Send Message 31 Dec 2015
                          : It's a Share Grap!!!
                        • Investor RockieK | Send Message 31 Dec 2015
                          : [insert catch phrase that needs to die in 2015 here]!!
                          • mrdkoser | Send Message 16 Dec 2015

                            $SUNE - watching and waiting for more guidance.... Investing in $NAT income stock / dividends til volatility dies down ...
                              • MyTradingIncome | Send Message 7 Dec 2015

                                Nordic Tanker's 9% Yield May Fall, But The Stock Is Still A Buy $NAT
                                  • Investor RockieK | Send Message 2 Dec 2015

                                    In other news....the Baltic Dirty keeps climbing... to 926 as of last night. $NNA $TNK $NAT $FRO $DHT $EURN
                                      • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 24 Nov 2015

                                        Delay trades: rolled $NAT proceeds into $TNK at $6.80. Crazy undervalued relative to their earnings and to peers. Should be $10+ minimum.
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                                        • ml19 | Send Message 5 Jan
                                          : Thanks JM. Do you think the sector could recover or should we wait a bit?
                                        • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 6 Jan
                                          : The sector in terms of internal performance is doing extremely well. In regards to market sentiment, things can always go lower.
                                          Company Description
                                          Nordic American Tankers Ltd formerly Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited is an international tanker company that owns 24 double-hull Suezmax tankers, two of which are newbuildings that average approximately 156,000 dwt each.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Shipping
                                          Country: United States