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    Nathan's Famous: The Real Impact Of Recent Dividend Payouts $NATH
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        WHO's Afraid Of Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs? $NATH
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            Here's Why I'm Staying Away From Nathan's Famous $NATH
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                Nathan's Famous: Shares Are Undervalued When Assuming Growth Will Continue $NATH
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                    The Big Mac Is Dead - Beef Up Your Portfolio With Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Instead $NATH
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                        Great write-up on $NATH
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                          : Thanks Wilson, it certainly made a compelling arguement. Also a fan growing up and still residing in NJ/NYC metro area. Thanks for sharing !
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                            Nathan's Famous: Not So Famous Anymore $NATH
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                                My son Nathan is almost 2 years old now. Almost bought some $NATH in his honor.
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                                  : I bought $CHOP once cause my granddaughter and I played a game we called chops. Gladly she's still around. Don't know about $chop now.
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                                  : Joe - As long as her name isn't $ANGI. Might have to disown her.
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                                    Nathan's Famous: A 'See's Candy' Business Obscured By An Unusual Dividend Recapitalization - 45%... $NATH
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                                        Nathan's Famous Shareholders Are About To Get Barbecued $NATH
                                          Company Description
                                          Nathan's Famous, Inc. engages in operating franchised fast food units. It engages in the marketing of the Nathan's Famous brand and the sale of products bearing the Nathan's Famous trademarks through several different channels of distribution. The company enables foodservice retailers to sell... More
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Restaurants
                                          Country: United States