Navidea Biopharmaceuticals(NAVB)- NYSEMKT
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    $NAVB Short interest down 5.1% this period.
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      : Probably simply from institutions liquidating their hedged positions, and no longer need the hedge.
      • NFlanders | Send Message 24 Aug

        $NAVB really? I had hoped to come back from vaca and find some movement? Anyone tracking the Tx court website? it's time to do some DD.
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          : On 09/07/2016 it will be fully 5 months since the injunction litigation started, with 1 months delay due to NAVB's doings.
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          : So the court has had this for 5 months, yet still can't rule. Ohio court had no problems, based on irreparable harm.
          • NFlanders | Send Message 4 Aug

            $NAVB Where's AZtra? Promising trial results previously reported? It would be nice to hear about how ongoing collaborations are preceding?
              • oneotherfool | Send Message 4 Aug

                $NAVB gotta get over this CRG hump so that market realizes the potential...NASH ZIKA RA ....and growing sell & EU launch
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                • oneotherfool | Send Message 10 Aug
                  : Agree.
                • DWD Investing | Send Message 14 Aug
                  : Look like that logic was right on the nose.
                  • NFlanders | Send Message 4 Aug

                    $NAVB CRG losses again in TX courts. Let's get ball rolling on REFI, 'sigh' this should bump PPS? 2Q was ho hum but shows progress
                      • NFlanders | Send Message 2 Aug

                        $NAVB last chance for 'shorts' to exit! Guessing buyers come in at tomorrows end of day.
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                        • DWD Investing | Send Message 17 Aug
                          : Today marks a full week since the last "meeting." Now I suppose the court will want 'live witnesses' as it stated in may in the last document. After that, they can have 'another meeting.' After that, I guess the judge either has to rule, or recuse himself.
                        • DWD Investing | Send Message 17 Aug
                          : "as it stated in may" should be "as it stated". And no, there is no way to speed up a court, only slow it down by filing more litigation.
                          • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Jul

                            $NAVB Good summary of what's going on in the litigation with CRG.
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                            • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Jul
                              : And who the hell bought 200 shares to make it jump 40% AH...I almost swallowed my tongue (before I saw the volume)....
                              • NFlanders | Send Message 26 Jul

                                $NAVB looks like a good pop come morning. This is just a affirmation that things are going in right direction.
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                                • oneotherfool | Send Message 27 Jul
                                  : BIND doesn't excite me...not yet at least...they're small and cannot drive Navidea value...a collaboration or a merger with someone bigger would do, for MT.
                                • NFlanders | Send Message 27 Jul
                                  : Look at it as Cart(Bind) and Horse(Navb) .. MT sits in middle.. Accurins bind well to Lympho.. This increases efficiencies by X... This targeting creates a unique delivery system
                                  • NFlanders | Send Message 26 Jul

                                    $NAVB Good read on IV message board.
                                      • NFlanders | Send Message 25 Jul

                                        $NAVB while we await courts decision. What is plan behind Royalty Share issue being asked for? Is this for benefit of whomever REFIs?
                                          Company Description
                                          Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, which focuses on the development and commercialization of precision immunodiagnostic agents and immunotherapeutic. It is developing multiple precision-targeted products based on their manocept platform to help identify the sites... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment
                                          Country: United States