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  • Thu, Nov. 10, 8:15 AM
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) inks a worldwide licensing agreement with Osaka, Japan-based Nitto Denko (OTCPK:NDEKF)(OTCPK:NDEKY) for the development and commercialization of Nitto's siRNA molecules targeting heat shock protein 47 (HSP47) formulations containing vitamin A. The deal includes Nitto's lead product candidate, Phase 1b-stage ND-L02-s0201, for the treatment of advanced liver fibrosis and grants BMY the option for secure exclusive licenses for HSP47 sirRNAs in vitamin A formulations for the treatment of lung fibrosis and other organ fibrosis.
    • Under the terms of the agreement, Nitto will receive an upfront payment of $100M, milestones, sales-based royalties and option exercise payments for lung and other organ fibrosis. BMY will be responsible for the development, manufacture and commercialization of HSP47 sirRNAs in vitamin A formulations for all liver diseases.
    • Fibrotic diseases are characterized by inflammation and subsequent formation of excess collagen (scarring) in the organ or tissue. Nitto's ND-L02-s0201 is a targeted siRNA designed to inhibit HSP47, a collagen-specific chaperone that regulates collagen synthesis and secretion, and prevent further collagen formation while resolving existing fibrosis. It has Fast Track status in the U.S. for the treatment of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis secondary to NASH and liver fibrosis and cirrhosis secondary to HCV infection.
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