Network Engines, IncNASDAQ
NEI is defunct.
  • Asif Suria | Send Message 25 Jun 2012

    New Post: Merger Arbitrage Mondays $AUY $NWK $NEI $SUNH
      • Asif Suria | Send Message 19 Jun 2012

        NEI Announces Agreement To Be Acquired By UNICOM Systems for $63.2 million $NEI
          • mrmacgoo | Send Message 16 Feb 2012

            What is in the cards short term for this company NEI ???? Does taking out 1.45 lead to great things?
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            • mrmacgoo | Send Message 21 Feb 2012
              : and now how about this 1.50??? Do we see a pop to 1.90s?
              • Playing the Ponzi | Send Message 20 Aug 2011

                Last week I bailed on my JCP flier at a loss, bailed with profits in NEI, and bailed with profits in TNA. Added to SH holdings.
                  • djn21 | Send Message 29 Mar 2011

                    Looks to me like SPY breaks above downtrend line. Small and mid caps are outperforming, so I picked up some TNA and MVV. Some NEI as well.
                      • calvasalva | Send Message 12 Jan 2011

                        NEI Very good stock. I see "NEi" at 2.50 before april.