New Energy Systems Group.Grey Market
NEWN is defunct.
  • John Motyka | Send Message 20 Apr 2012

    All~ I am just about totally tired of hearing about Chinese stocks like JASO,NEWN.OB etc. I am a loser and don't play their game anymore...jdm
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    • JohanB1 | Send Message 27 May 2012
      : AMEN!!!
    • John Motyka | Send Message 27 May 2012
      : JohanB1: Welcome aboard...jdm
      • John Motyka | Send Message 23 Nov 2011

        Sold out position on NEWN.OB. More Chinese accounting and financial unreliability! ...JDM
          • John Motyka | Send Message 15 Nov 2011

            NEWN.OB blows up due to inability to secure new CFO. Illusionary accounting may be the cause of this disturbance...JDM ouch again!
              • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 26 Jul 2011

                5 Breakouts For Raising Your Profit Ceiling LDK NEWN.OB DBLE KOG ECTYQ
                  • Dutch Trader | Send Message 19 Jul 2011

                    NEWN.OB (New Energy Systems Group) fueling, with a EPS $1.75 2011 it's still way undervalued.
                      • John Motyka | Send Message 13 Jul 2011

                        I should have suggested NEWN.OB would have a 'BRIGHT' future...JDM
                          • John Motyka | Send Message 13 Jul 2011

                            It appears to me that NEWN.OB can be read as an Enconomic Indicator for China. If their accounting is reliable, then they have a future. JDM
                              • John Motyka | Send Message 18 May 2011

                                So you want to go Chinese? Stay away from SCEI.OB and do some homework on NEWN.OB...JDM
                                  • limitup | Send Message 30 Mar 2011

                                    NEWN.OB. Is this another fraud ?
                                      • MagicDiligence | Send Message 13 Dec 2010

                                        Only one MFI 5% mover today: New Energy Systems $NEWN.OB was up 5.6% on analyst coverage initiation at Outperform.