North American Energy Partners Inc.

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  • Shiraz Lakhi | Send Message 29 May 2015

    Unusual Volume Gainers: ENERGY #Stocks Trading UP On Strong Relative Vol: $PEIX $NOA $GPRE $SDR +Others
      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 18 Jun 2014
          • deercreekvols | Send Message 5 Mar 2014

            $NOA followers out there? Nice bump this early AM
              • Barney | Send Message 1 Feb 2014

                $NOA With Keystone taking a major step forward, $NOA appears the place to be.
                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 28 Dec 2011

                    North American Energy Partners (NOA) and HK Energy Resources (RAM) may head higher.
                      • Windsun33 | Send Message 15 Aug 2011

                        Hmm.. what drove NOA up 18% today, no news, speculation or bottom fishing?
                          • MikeMalty | Send Message 1 Feb 2011

                            Tonight 60 minutes is going to do a piece on the Canadian oil sands. I understand it will be "bullish". So, SU could move & NOA, CNQ and OBQI
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                            • X Oil-Field | Send Message 12 Jan
                              : Suncor Energy Inc. $SU $22.65* Real-Time-data as of 1/12/2016 NASDAQ
                            • X Oil-Field | Send Message 5 Feb
                              : $SU Suncor falls to $2-billion loss, slashes 2016 spending budget. TheGlobeAndMail
                              • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 26 Feb 2010

                                No sense being long stocks like UPL that r losing money 4 longs when stocks like HUSA MHR APL ENT-RETIRED ENLK NOA SII r making money now for longs
                                  Company Description
                                  North American Energy Partners Inc provides mining and heavy construction services to customers in the resource development and industrial construction sectors, within Western Canada.