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  • Yesterday, 4:33 AM
    • Red alert, parents. Toys 'R' Us will have Hatchimals and the Nintendo NES Classic at select stores this weekend.
    • Both products have been sold out at a number of retailers and have been highly sought after by consumers this holiday season.
    • Hatchimals has Spin Master (OTC:SNMSF) trading at all-time highs on the Toronto exchange, while Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) has had an equally impressive year in Tokyo. Shares of both companies are up 60% YTD.
    | Yesterday, 4:33 AM
  • Wed, Oct. 26, 3:49 AM
    • Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) revealed an operating loss of ¥5.95B in the period from March to September, while lowering its outlook and dividend.
    • A hard landing! Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) missed forecasts on supply chain issues, but the aircraft maker maintained its full year guidance.
    • Brazil provided some bright side for Santander (NYSE:SAN) as a pick-up in performance lifted earnings above expectations, offsetting Brexit concerns.
    • Provisions ate into the quarterly profit at Lloyds (NYSE:LYG), as the bank set aside another £1B to pay compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance.
    • Bayer (OTCPK:BAYRY) raised guidance for the full year on strong pharma results in its first quarterly scorecard since securing the Monsanto merger.
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  • Thu, Sep. 22, 2:14 AM
    • Pokemon Go fever has finally broken. The augmented-reality game's time as the top-grossing app in Apple's U.S. app store has ended at 74 days, after being supplanted by a familiar foe: Clash Royale.
    • According to Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go, which includes Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) as one of its major stakeholders, pulled in $440M in gross revenue in Apple's marketplace and Google's Play store.
    | Thu, Sep. 22, 2:14 AM | 18 Comments
  • Thu, Sep. 8, 3:16 AM
    • A wearable device for playing Pokemon Go will be released next week, priced at $35 and containing vibration notifications that could improve the game's safety.
    • The announcement came after Apple's new iPhone event, where Niantic said it would provide an Apple Watch version of the popular game and bring Super Mario Run to iOS.
    • Pokemon Go Plus will be distributed by Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY), which ended the session in Tokyo up 13%.
    | Thu, Sep. 8, 3:16 AM | 7 Comments
  • Fri, Sep. 2, 8:01 AM
    • Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) plans to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, WSJ reports.
    • Chip-based cartridges are garnering renewed attention thanks to fierce competition among semiconductor makers to develop flash memory that can pack more data onto small chips at a lower cost.
    • Industry watchers say cartridges are also a reasonable choice for NX, because the company's core fans include small children who might scratch discs, and allow games to load faster, are harder to copy and can be easily mass-produced.
    | Fri, Sep. 2, 8:01 AM | 8 Comments
  • Thu, Sep. 1, 6:23 AM
    • SoftBank (OTCPK:SFTBY) has announced an alliance with Pokemon Go developer Niantic that will designate about 3,700 of the mobile carrier's stores in Japan as PokeStops and Gyms.
    • The deal is similar to the one McDonald’s Japan forged during the game's July debut, fueling a 24% jump in the fast-food chain's shares.
    • Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY), which created the game with Niantic and Pokemon Co., jumped 3.3% on the news.
    | Thu, Sep. 1, 6:23 AM | 3 Comments
  • Mon, Aug. 8, 5:38 AM
    • "Pokemon Go" has raked in $200M in net revenue globally on the App Store and Google Play in its first month, beating other top-earning games like "Candy Crush" and "Clash Royale."
    • Despite the record cash, it's still unclear how much of the money stakeholder Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) will see (last month the firm said it would have "limited" impact on its earnings).
    • "Pokemon Go" went live in 15 more countries across Asia on Friday, but India and China are still on the waitlist.
    | Mon, Aug. 8, 5:38 AM | 44 Comments
  • Wed, Aug. 3, 3:06 AM
    • Pokemon GO creator Niantic is exploring more sponsorships by companies that want to attract players to their businesses, similar to the recent deal that turned nearly 3,000 McDonald's restaurants in Japan into "gyms."
    • Major stakeholder Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) also continues to benefit from the Pokemon GO Halo, with game shipments of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire doubling in Japan since the app debuted in early July.
    | Wed, Aug. 3, 3:06 AM | 3 Comments
  • Wed, Jul. 27, 4:01 AM
    • After lowering expectations ahead of its financial results, Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) posted a net loss of ¥24.5B during FQ1 due to sluggish sales of Wii U consoles and a stronger yen.
    • The wildly popular "Pokemon Go" mobile game wasn't reflected in the company's earnings since it was released in the quarter that ended June.
    • Nintendo also announced that its Pokemon Go Plus accessory will be delayed by two months until September.
    | Wed, Jul. 27, 4:01 AM | 35 Comments
  • Mon, Jul. 25, 2:15 AM
    • Shares in Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) took a steep dive Monday after the company warned investors that Pokemon GO would have only a "limited" impact on its earnings.
    • The stock sank 17% in Tokyo, wiping out about $6.4B in market value.
    • Nintendo is forecasting an annual net profit of ¥35B ($330M) for the current fiscal year, up from the ¥16.5B it earned in 2015.
    | Mon, Jul. 25, 2:15 AM | 57 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 22, 5:52 AM
    • Nintendo has “plenty of doubters”; short interest levels have almost tripled to a new yearly high, Markit says in a note.
    • Short interest as percentage of free float is now at 2.57%. ADR short sellers are at 3.5x levels seen a week ago.
    • Firm notes that GameStop shares, up 22% in the last month on the coattails of the Nintendo rally, haven't seen a similar rise in short demand.
    • Still, GameStop short interest as percentage of free float is 19%, down from 50.8% in December.
    | Fri, Jul. 22, 5:52 AM | 20 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 22, 2:33 AM
    • Pokemon GO has finally launched in Japan, the birthplace of the little virtual monsters.
    • Besides Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY), which owns stakes in both The Pokemon Company and game developer Niantic, shares of McDonald's Holdings Japan are getting a big boost from the news.
    • Its fast food restaurants across the country are set to become "gyms," where players can train their Pokemon for virtual fights.
    | Fri, Jul. 22, 2:33 AM | 14 Comments
  • Tue, Jul. 19, 3:15 AM
    • SoftBank (OTCPK:SFTBY) fell 10% as investors reacted to the company's announcement to acquire ARM Holdings for $32B.
    • Shares of messaging app Line (Pending:LN) also dropped 10% following a successful dual listing last week in New York and Tokyo.
    • Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) continued to climb on "Pokemon GO" fever, trading up 14%. Its market cap, now over $42B, has just topped Sony.
    | Tue, Jul. 19, 3:15 AM | 17 Comments
  • Mon, Jul. 18, 4:31 AM
    • The phenomenal success of Pokemon GO and the surge in Nintendo's (OTCPK:NTDOY) market value by $17B in just over a week has shown the potential for augmented reality and the company's need to capitalize on its other popular game titles.
    • Pokemon GO launched in 26 new countries over the weekend, but a Pokecrisis was declared immediately, with outages and server problems reported across the globe.
    | Mon, Jul. 18, 4:31 AM | 5 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 15, 7:51 AM
  • Fri, Jul. 15, 3:23 AM
    • Shares of Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) jumped nearly 10% overnight, and are up 90% since the launch of Pokemon GO, almost doubling the company's market value in just over a week.
    • That makes the gaming firm more valuable than the mighty Mitsubishi trading house and brokerage Nomura.
    • John Hanke, the head developer behind Nintendo's augmented reality game, said he wants to roll out the app in roughly 200 countries "relatively soon" and is working on bolstering server capacity.
    | Fri, Jul. 15, 3:23 AM | 11 Comments