Northern Tier Energy(NTI)- NYSE
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            Northern Tier Shareholders Took The Cash In Western Refining Deal - Now What? $WNR, $NTI
              • Xvansan | Send Message 22 Jun

                Only 1.7% of $NTI holders elected to receive $WNR shares for their $NTI shares. They took the opportunity to bail. Smart move.
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                • Ocean Man | Send Message 30 Jun
                  : 100% of them are going to get WNR shares.
                  • Ocean Man | Send Message 22 Jun

                    Results of $WNR and $NTI cash and stock elections:
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                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 30 Jun
                      : Thanks monting. Only on SA.
                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 30 Jun
                      : The buyout was worth $26 per share of NTI when announced. Now worth less than $21. A steal for WNR.
                      • taxman100 | Send Message 7 Jun

                        My Jun17 @$26 $NTI covered call expires soon - doesn't look like options are trading anymore. Sold them back in Jan for $1.
                          • brandy04 | Send Message 31 May

                            $NTI. the proration section in proposal sucks. my vote was NO.
                              • brandy04 | Send Message 26 May

                                current conversion of all three options that a $NTI has on this merger? can't find anyone to answer this from nti or wnr.
                                  • stagewright | Send Message 24 May

                                    Don't buy $NTI. $WNR stole its value.
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