Nam Tai Property Inc.(NTP)- NYSE
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          • John Vincent | Send Message 10 Aug

            Kahn Brothers increased Glaxo while reducing Nam Tai, Old Republic, & Pfizer. See $GSK $NTP $ORI $PFE #Kahn
              • zxhhahaha | Send Message 10 Oct 2015

                The best result is NTP sell their Land in Shenzhen,not develop by themself .$NTP
                  • Maarten Pieters | Send Message 10 Sep 2015

                    Nam Tai Property - Sellers Cleared Out, Significant Upside For The Patient Investor $NTP
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                    • Maarten Pieters | Send Message 13 Oct 2015
                      : Yes would be great to realize a good return in a short time frame. But it is an unlikely scenario in my opinion. $NTP
                    • zxhhahaha | Send Message 13 Oct 2015
                      : If they develop by themself, they need 3-5years to finish, but the following 3~5years is very dangerous to china economy.
                      • Maarten Pieters | Send Message 3 Aug 2015

                        $NTP Last tender offer 8M people subscribed. 3M got tendered. So +/- 5M shares supply left at prices <5.50USD
                          • Maarten Pieters | Send Message 3 Aug 2015

                            $NTP Superb long term investment with the 15M tender offer. Also a nice arbitrage play. I think that all shares get tendered if you buy now.
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                                    A Dollar For 70 Cents, With Some Real Estate For Free $NTP
                                      • Jordan Flannery | Send Message 8 May 2015

                                        $NTP odd lot tender spread widens, offering a 10.2% absolute return in a few weeks. Earlier post:
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                                        • matratra | Send Message 8 May 2015
                                          : It is dog & I am holder of it. I would lucky to recover my own investment.
                                          Company Description
                                          Nam Tai Property, Inc. is a holding company, which is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of electronic components. It manufactures telecommunication and consumer electronic products. It provides the assembling services of flexible printed circuit board and FPCB subassemblies and Thin... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Diversified Electronics
                                          Country: China