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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)

  • Kellen M | Send Message 13 Nov

    Can somebody explain $NWBO to me? Following management saying they cant explain the sell off, no big recovery? Why is this?
      • User 42163366 | Send Message 4 Nov

        Northwest Biotherapeutic's Silence Is Damning: Why NWBO's Refusal To Engage In Basic Shareholder... $NWBO
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        • EMDmn | Send Message 4 Nov
          : Yeah because "User 42163366" doesn't seem shady at all.
          • alpha_69 | Send Message 31 Oct

            $NWBO target price $27. 5X potential.
              • Phase Five Research | Send Message 29 Oct

                The Northwest Biotherapeutics House Of Cards Is Ready To Collapse $NWBO
                  • Kanak Kanti De's Real-Time Biotech Trade Alerts | Send Message 28 Oct

                    Northwest Biotherapeutics Buys Time After Funding From Woodford $NWBO
                      • Smith On Stocks | Send Message 20 Oct

                        I just published an article on $NWBO. See this link.
                          • Smith On Stocks | Send Message 20 Oct

                            Northwest Biotherapeutics: Analysis Of A Coordinated Short Selling Attack Against The Stock $NWBO
                              • timtrading | Send Message 19 Oct

                                best stocks today $DHRM,$KNDI,$ARO,$FGEN,$NWBO,$PMCS,$CCG,$JDST,$OVAS,$SPEX
                                  • tuliptown | Send Message 16 Oct

                                    $NWBO someone knows something about this stock... wish it was me.
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                                    • billz3 | Send Message 19 Oct
                                      : I asked Les @ $NWBO to either file an 8-K and tell us, or issue a press release stating they new of nothing material. No reply.
                                    • tuliptown | Send Message 19 Oct
                                      : nice job, they did come out with a news report.
                                      • EMDMN | Send Message 16 Oct

                                        Added to $NWBO at 5.03
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                                        • pansch | Send Message 16 Oct
                                          : Seems silly..... Shoulda would coulda sold at $10. Can't take a loss now must hold on...........
                                        • EMDmn | Send Message 19 Oct
                                          : Late into the game...added further at $4.60...
                                          Company Description
                                          Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc is a development stage biotechnology company engaged in the development of immunotherapy products to treat cancers more effectively than current treatments, without toxicities of the kind associated with chemotherapies.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States