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  New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. - NASDAQ

10/24/2014, 12:54 PM ET
  • Robbster | Send Message 21 Sep 2012

    Bought NYMT at 6.71, loving capital appreciation that exceeds the (very high) dividend! Good time to make money on mREITs, confidence up.
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    • Robbster | Send Message 22 Sep 2012
      : Nicely done. NYMT is going to be one of the faster share price growers near term.
    • DaLatin | Send Message 23 Sep 2012
      : I own a boat load & they've all orderly made new highs ! Wonderful unending Fed & a idiot running the economy for 4.5 more years.Cha Ching !
      NYMT vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      New York Mortgage Trust is a real estate investment trust, in the business of acquiring, investing in, financing and managing primarily mortgage-related assets and, to a lesser extent, financial assets.
      Sector: Financial
      Country: United States