Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc

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  • Passive Income Pursuit | Send Message 4 Feb

    Data Mining the CCC List: Wrap Up $mcd $nke $o $ohi $sbux $tgt $t $v $vfc $vtr $vz $wmt $yum
      • rjkraft15 | Send Message 3 Feb

        Small starter into $OHI at 7.19%
          • YoungerDGInvestor | Send Message 1 Feb

            The MnM Portfolio, January 2016: Ep. 11 - Dividend Increases Come Rolling In $OHI
              • Roadmap2Retire | Send Message 1 Feb

                Dividend Increases for Jan 2016 $EPD $GM $OHI $O $FAST $BLK $VLO $D $AOS $ED $INTC $POT $HCP $HCN $CINF $PX $CNI
                  • Power Hedge | Send Message 29 Jan

                    Omega Healthcare Investors - An Appealing Income Play $OHI
                      • The Rebel | Send Message 28 Jan

                        New 1 year low just reached on $OHI.
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                        • The Rebel | Send Message 28 Jan
                          : They are hitting anything healthcare related, but healthcare REITs completely disconnected from pricing & other problems.
                        • Dividend Living | Send Message 29 Jan
                          : Looking good today as well, Got some more OHI @30.85. Holding for long haul. OHI seems singled out today among Health Care REITs
                          • growingmoney | Send Message 27 Jan

                            Anyone know why $OHI is down so much today?
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                            • AlaskanGoldMiner | Send Message 27 Jan
                              : $HCN down 5.7% as I type this.....might need to add here.
                            • growingmoney | Send Message 27 Jan
                              : But $O was up today.
                              • Nicholas Ward | Send Message 23 Jan

                                Friday was FRIP day but I forgot to post due to blizzard preparations: $T @ 35.10, $JNJ @ 96.88, $WFM @ 30.31, and $OHI @ 34.38.
                                  • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 22 Jan

                                    11 Healthcare Facility REITS With High Dividend-Yield - See more at: - $MPW $UHT $OHI $LTC $HCN $NHI $HCP $HR $NHP
                                      • Tradevestor | Send Message 20 Jan

                                        $T $CVX $AAPL $JNJ $MO $PM $SBUX $SO $O $OHI $GSK $KO - WOW. Unbelievable action. Can just say "LOL" and buy ones I like on dip.
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                                        • Tradevestor | Send Message 20 Jan
                                          : Ferocious comeback, especially oil.
                                        • Derrick Lilly | Send Message 20 Jan
                                          : Yeah, I sold my $SPXS at just about its top today. Going to sit on some cash for a little bit. So many things look "cheap" ... but who knows
                                          Company Description
                                          Omega Healthcare Investors Inc is a self-administered real estate investment trust. The Company is engaged in investing in income-producing healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities located in the United States.