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Market Vectors Oil Services ETF (OIH)

  • stasdelaware | Send Message 5 Oct

    $GILD $IBB Lagging. $XLE $OIH Energy sector is on the rise. Thoughts, besides $WTI is up?
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    • T-time | Send Message 6 Oct
      : "energy sector on the rise" - no it is not!! Bouncing on the bottom maybe but not on the rise my friend
    • stasdelaware | Send Message 6 Oct
      : Depends on your entry price, sir! I'm getting some love here.
      • Chris Lau | Send Message 5 Oct

        $GLCNF rebound and $SU buying Cdn Oil sands signifies bottom for energy $OIL $OIH. Buy $BP
          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 28 Sep

            [VIDEO] $STUDY #Glencore $FTSE $GDX $GLD $USO $OIH Sell Signals Galore :(
              • Chris Lau | Send Message 14 Sep

                Barron's was wrong on $OIH $OIL, $FB lockup, $CMG. Could be wrong on $BABA. Good reponse from...
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                • matratra | Send Message 14 Sep
                  : for oil stock cos. Some thing is wrong with equation? you figure out.
                • khlim115 | Send Message 14 Sep
                  : Goldman may be buying as they lower the oil price--the way they advised their clients to buy mort.sec in 2008 as they were dumping them.
                  • Brian58 | Send Message 2 Sep

                    $GDX/$OIH: commodity stocks catching a bid
                      • Sarfaraz A. Khan | Send Message 31 Aug

                        OIH: What's Next For The ETF After Schlumberger, Cameron Intl. Merger? $OIH
                          • Brian58 | Send Message 21 Aug

                            $OIH: sector could bounce today. Oversold. Let's see if the PPT will protect. Lot's of puts need to expire worthless today.
                              • D-struction | Send Message 19 Aug

                                $XLE $OIH $VDE Is this crap ever helpful??
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                                • Tom Landry | Send Message 19 Aug
                                  : Well imagine having fresh capital, zero position or painful history, a newcomer to the markets. Quite a gift a these prices.
                                • D-struction | Send Message 20 Aug
                                  : Dude... that's my happy place. There is just so much against investors and traders today. Past biases always paint future decisions
                                  • D-struction | Send Message 7 Aug

                                    $OIH, $XOP, $PSCE. Powerhouse when oil is up, soooo depressing on days like today. The day will come...
                                      • Gedankonomist | Send Message 7 Aug

                                        $USO $OIH $UNG Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles
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                                          The Market Vectors ® Oil Services ETF (OIH) seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the Market Vectors US Listed Oil Services 25 Index (MVOIHTR). The Index is a rules-based index intended to track the overall performance of 25 of the largest U.S. listed, publicly traded oil services companies.
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