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ORCC is defunct.
  • Asif Suria | Send Message 4 Feb 2013

    New Post: Merger Arbitrage Mondays http://bit.ly/14Lj3As $PVSW $SOMH $CPNO $VCBI $BIOC-RETIRED $CXS $WMS-OLD $ORCC
      • nasdaqczar | Send Message 3 Feb 2013

        $ORCC Bought out by ACI $3.85 share i hate to be the one to tell you i told you so but i told you so ring the register $$$ chaching $$$$
          • nasdaqczar | Send Message 28 Jan 2013

            $ORCC Buyout likely symbol $ORCC will soon go away Fiserv, paypal, Western Union, Intuit, Verifone likey buyers 200-400% gains on takeover
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            • LumiaMan | Send Message 1 Feb 2013
              : ACI buying them
              • nasdaqczar | Send Message 1 Feb 2012

                ORCC on the move up NH coming headed to $20 Strong BUY 1-1 Overweight portfolio in ORCC pill payers are moving up barchart.com BUY Signal
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                • LumiaMan | Send Message 1 Feb 2013
                  : geez just saw where ACI is buying them, i missed that boat
                • nasdaqczar | Send Message 7 Feb 2013
                  : $ORCC Call makes me a legend the Best in the World
                  • nasdaqczar | Send Message 30 Jan 2012

                    ORCC barchart.com has a BUY Davidson says higher earnings on the durban act benefits ORCC headed to $15-20 Upgraded Buyout Candidate eom
                      • nasdaqczar | Send Message 24 Jan 2012

                        ORCC BUY headed to $15 Target barchart.com signals BUY eom
                          • nasdaqczar | Send Message 14 Jan 2012

                            ORCC Upgraded BUY Target $15 online bill pay is a strong growth market could get a buyout offer eventually sold
                              • nasdaqczar | Send Message 22 Apr 2011

                                ORCC $12 TARGET BUY, Paypal billfloat.com could swoop up ORCC soon if the initial launch is successful, nice alliance Walmart buyout maybe
                                  • nasdaqczar | Send Message 21 Apr 2011

                                    ORCC to $12 BUYOUT Western Union or First Data could use capabilities so could Walmart buy them out they-re getting into electronic pmts
                                      • nasdaqczar | Send Message 21 Apr 2011

                                        ORCC UPGRADED BUY $12 Target ORCC is a great little growth financial company providing electronic payments this could be ripe for takeover