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  • BornIn87 | Send Message 14 Nov 2012

    NOK is working with Mozilla. I don't know about you guys, but that excites me. The firefox OS is a great idea.
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    • BornIn87 | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
      • Paulo Santos | Send Message 6 Nov 2012

        Bit of a blunder with the OS taking up half of the Surface's 32Gb internal storage.
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        • dividend_growth | Send Message 6 Nov 2012
          : Surface is a piece of shit. It's far less painful to carry a few more pounds of luggage than typing on that garbage.
        • wigit5 | Send Message 7 Nov 2012
          : I would say it was a blunder as well except I think it has expandable memory doesn't it? Card slot or whatever
          • KIA Investment Research | Send Message 4 Nov 2012

            Forstall, major force behind Mac OS X operating system and iOS mobile software, heart of the iPhone and iPad. http://tinyurl.com/cgpaz9j
              • David Collins | Send Message 26 Oct 2012

                WAVX delivers Windows 8 "Modern Access Control" secure network access today, for earlier OS versions: http://yhoo.it/VMZFkR $WAVX
                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 21 Oct 2012

                    Microsoft (MSFT) is at support ahead of it launch of the Windows 8 OS. http://yhoo.it/mUJhzs
                      • jvix | Send Message 22 Sep 2012

                        Updating OS on all AAPL devices and thinking about what an integrated package AAPL offers. No wonder the stock has done so well.
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                        • Demi9OD | Send Message 22 Sep 2012
                          : They roped you in with the iPod and iTunes, now you can never leave or you lose all your apps and synced music,
                          • Åsa Stenström | Send Message 19 Sep 2012

                            So, is anyone doing anything else than updating to iOS 6 and OS 10.8.2 today? AAPL $703!!!
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                            • Bob de'Long | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
                              : Mr. Stihl and I are cutting brush.
                            • John R. Conway | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
                              : Still a great long term investment
                              • MarkArthur | Send Message 19 Sep 2012

                                Does it look to anyone out there, there may be significant synergy for NOK, HPQ, and MSFT as a result of the Windows 8 OS/platform?
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                                • Abrane | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
                                  : Advertisment hasn't really hit yet. Once they start to hit the media circles then we should see some excitment buys to have sticks jump.
                                • Abrane | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
                                  : Im sure all of Windows 8.. Surface, Lumia, Desktop will launch at the same time with adverts
                                  • The Scientist | Send Message 17 Sep 2012

                                    Solid OS data for THLD Th-302 in panc ca. OS+2.5 mos in highest dose. Tarceva approved with 0.4 mos. Discontinuation rate lowest for highest
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                                    • The Scientist | Send Message 17 Sep 2012
                                      : TH-302 dose. High prob FDA approval. Huge unmet need. Gemzar initial approval based on 126 pts (Gemzar insert). Adcetris approv 102/58 pts
                                    • The Scientist | Send Message 17 Sep 2012
                                      : Huge improvement PFS/OS over current SOC. Good safety profile-fewer discontinuations with highest dose.
                                      • The Scientist | Send Message 13 Sep 2012

                                        THLD CEO at Stifel Nicolaus presentation stated OS data for ESMO abstract 9/17 will be 'subtlety different' than mature data on 9/29
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