Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.

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  • Street Smart Investor | Send Message 20 Aug 2015

    Overseas Shipholding Group: Rising From The Ashes, 48% Upside Potential $OSGB http://seekingalpha.com/a/21yfo
      • Penny Stocks Post | Send Message 13 Feb 2014

        OSGIQ: Coming Off A Nice Bottom, Up 16% Today... $OSGB http://seekingalpha.com/p/1l8y7
          • Graastein | Send Message 1 Jul 2013

            The rates in the Jones Act marked, were $OSGB is the main actor, is going to the sky. tc of ca 100 000: http://reut.rs/13lH6r8
              • Graastein | Send Message 7 Mar 2013

                Why is $OSGB rising so much? Is it the rising rates for the product tankers in the Jones Act?
                  • Seth Walters | Send Message 24 Nov 2012

                    Why is $OSGB trading nearly where it did before the bankruptcy? I've never seen a bankrupt stock trade that high.
                      • Ocean Man | Send Message 14 Nov 2012

                        Today's lesson: Why you shouldn't get excited about a 62% yield. http://seekingalpha.com/s/8y9nr One week later OSGB declares bankrupcy.
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                        • wigit5 | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
                          : ha.....
                        • vinyal | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
                          : there is no reason to get exited about yeild period. Obama is looking for your money
                          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 5 Nov 2012

                            Overseas Shipholding Group (OSGB) up 18%. Hhgregg (HGG) up 11%. My two best posts last night.
                              • Michael Bryant | Send Message 5 Nov 2012

                                Wow, Overseas Shipholding Group (OSGB) has 62% dividend. Buy, buy, buy. http://yhoo.it/SMxM9I;c=
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                                • sstonerm3 | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
                                  : Oooopsie. Looks like OSGB entering bankruptcy.
                                • 1980XLS-2.0 | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
                                  : Company is not doing very well.
                                  • Sairsint | Send Message 20 Oct 2012

                                    DHT remained unchanged while everything in tanking was. FRO, NAT, OSGB were all down.
                                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 21 Sep 2012

                                        Trading Ideas for 9/21 http://bit.ly/QrvAQw TSO DST ALJ MTG OSGB LB SQM NIHD
                                          Company Description
                                          Overseas Shipholding Group Inc through its subsidiaries owns and operates a fleet of oceangoing vessels engaged in the transportation of liquid cargoes in the international market and the U.S. Flag trades.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Shipping
                                          Country: United States