OSH 1 Liquidating Corp. A(OSHWQ)- OTCPK - Limited
OSHWQ is defunct.
  • Mark Moore | Send Message 19 Jun 2013

    $OSHWQ.PK will this stock ever be back?
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    • Energysystems | Send Message 19 Jun 2013
      : Bankruptcy...so no. Whatever assets are worth buying are being picked up by $LOW
      • ezillionaire | Send Message 17 Jun 2013

        $OSHWQ.PK Lowe's agrees to buy OSH for 205 Million. http://bit.ly/15bfj8k
          • NaveenB | Send Message 13 Jun 2013

            $OSHWQ.PK $SHLD Orchard Supply Plans To File For Bankruptcy [REPORT] http://stks.co/jZ9r
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            • MSF INVESTMENTS | Send Message 13 Jun 2013
              : Eddie better do something his net worth is sinking fast.
            • MSF INVESTMENTS | Send Message 13 Jun 2013
              : He may have live on banana and orange trees planted on his $40 million dollar home.
              • Stockexpertpro | Send Message 29 Apr 2013

                $OSHWQ.PK on watch here
                  • John Huber | Send Message 20 Feb 2013

                    Seems like the market's getting very nervous about the liquidity problems at $OSHWQ.PK ($SHLD spinoff)-I wonder what Berkowitz and Lampert think?
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                    • MSF INVESTMENTS | Send Message 22 Feb 2013
                      : They're probably liquidating their positions slowly. They want the mother load.$SHLD
                      • joeg1969 | Send Message 10 Feb 2013

                        Looking for more gains due to extreme weather conditions $HD $LOW $LL $OSHWQ.PK
                          • Jacob Wolinsky | Send Message 11 Jan 2012

                            Morning News: #FED Made $79 Billion in 2011 http://bit.ly/xtLiN4 $C $FNMA $PM $MO #PE $OSHWQ.PK #elections $INMD
                              Company Description
                              Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corporation operates neighborhood hardware and garden stores focused on paint, repair and the backyard. The Company was founded as a purchasing cooperative in San Jose in 1931. Today the stores average 36,000 square feet of enclosed retail space and 8,000 square... More
                              Sector: Services
                              Industry: Home Improvement Stores
                              Country: United States