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  Pandora Media - NYSE

10/23/2014, 12:31 AM ET
  • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 19 Mar

    $P rate hike cant help too much, S&O revenue up to $38M+ made up 19% of total revenue. Not sure how a $6.91B valuation is being supported.
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    • phuettner | Send Message 20 Mar
      : Doug, Spotify also has a Pandora-like radio feature. People will use the program that provides the best of both worlds. short P
    • dgulick | Send Message 20 Mar
      : phuettner, I like Spotify and I'll be buying their IPO, but P does a better job at the free/ad market price point, both will do well
      P vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Pandora Media Inc provides internet radio services on smartphones, tablets, traditional computers and car audio systems, as well as a range of other internet-connected devices.