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  Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. - NYSE

10/25/2014, 2:40 AM ET
  • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 1 Feb 2012

    PAA, OKS,........Longer Term Bakken footprint expansion could be good for pipes, Montana, Wyoming, et al, Long.
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    • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 1 Feb 2012
      : for growth, Long very small wildcat, some go to $10 ie KOG, some zero out imo.
    • ViciousTrader | Send Message 1 Feb 2012
      : Thanks Hill, played KOG in 2010 and failed to get back in for the rest of the ride in 2011
      PAA vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Plains All American Pipeline LP is engaged in the transportation, storage, terminalling and marketing of crude oil and refined products, as well as in the processing, transportation, fractionation, storage and marketing of natural gas liquids.