Pacific Booker Minerals, Inc (PBM) - NYSEMKT
  • The Investment Doctor | Send Message 20 Aug 2014

    Update: Pacific Booker Metals' Permitting Process Gets Delayed $PBM
      • The Investment Doctor | Send Message 28 May 2014

        Pacific Booker Minerals - An Intriguing But Sad Story $PBM
          • Asif Suria | Send Message 18 Apr 2012

            SXC Health to buy fellow PBM Catalyst in cash-stock deal companies value at about $4.4 billion $CHSI $CTRX
              • KtgGroup | Send Message 14 Jun 2011

                CHSI bought WBA's PBM recently
                  • talbano | Send Message 14 Jun 2011

                    I think the thing that would push WBA hire is their PBM business which I haven't followed lately
                      • talbano | Send Message 13 Jun 2011

                        Big $ in CVS and they just got a big PBM contract away from MHS -
                          Company Description
                          Pacific Booker Minerals, Inc. is a natural resource company engaged in the business of mineral exploration. The company was founded on February 18, 1983 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
                          Industry: Industrial Metals & Minerals
                          Country: Canada