Pendrell Corporation(PCO)- NASDAQ
  • Patrick Lowry | Send Message 17 Aug

    Alvarez and Marsal report 13.5% interest in $PCO.
      • Austin Newsom | Send Message 25 Jul

        Pendrell Just Had A Great Quarter And Remains A Buy $PCO
          • Austin Newsom | Send Message 6 Jul

            Pendrell Has Been Tossed Out, But There Are Still Plenty Of Puffs Left In This Cigar Butt $PCO
              • scorpion.north | Send Message 23 Jun

                $PCO annual report is out -
                  • 96815234 | Send Message 6 Jun

                    $PCO is on fire +11%
                      • Steven Quint | Send Message 29 Dec 2015

                        Pendrell: The Good, Bad And Worst $PCO
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                        • 96815234 | Send Message 25 May
                          : $PCO now trading close to cash value but you still get IP, NOL, Craig McCaw and Bill Gates for free...
                          • rt94103 | Send Message 23 Dec 2015

                            So... what's $PCO going to do now to move the needle?
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                            • rt94103 | Send Message 6 Jan
                              : Heh. Humorous, but they at least need to do some PR outreach. They're pretty much off the radar.
                            • scorpion.north | Send Message 19 May
                              : I've changed my view. They need to do stuff, but the RIGHT stuff. Prefer nothing to a mistake, but prefer something good to nothing at all!
                              • Legal Alpha | Send Message 18 Nov 2015

                                Pendrell Corp: The 'Paul Tudor Jones Playbook': Asymmetry, Trading Near Cash, Imminent Catalyst $PCO
                                  • Patrick Lowry | Send Message 15 Oct 2015

                                    $PCO near cash value @ $.68. Insiders bought last week.
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                                    • Patrick Lowry | Send Message 15 Oct 2015
                                      : You are correct. It looked like bought at first glance. Shares issued for board compensation.
                                      • Patrick Lowry | Send Message 7 Aug 2015

                                        $PCO someone needs to post an article on this stock.
                                          Company Description
                                          Pendrell Corp. is a fully-integrated intellectual property investment, advisory services and asset management firm. It invests in, acquires and develops businesses with unique technologies that are often protected by intellectual property rights and that present the opportunity to address large,... More
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Business Services
                                          Country: United States