Patriot Coal Corp.(PCXCQ)- OTCQB
PCXCQ is defunct.
  • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 29 Aug 2014 Why Coal Stocks Could Rebound HARD $KOL $ANRZQ $WLT $CLF $ACIIQ $YZC $JRCCQ $PCXCQ $OIL $RUSS $RUSL $SPY
      • pytiz | Send Message 16 May 2014

        omg $WLT... one way street now it seems, and that is...$PCXCQ $JRCCQ
          • freeman8201 | Send Message 1 Nov 2013

            $ACIIQ buys adjacent met. coal mine by Leer mine, that's own by Patriot $PCXCQ
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            • cfb5006 | Send Message 2 Nov 2013
              : ACI should start picking up more met assets on the cheap with some of that cash. WLT is obv looking to raise some cash. Go big or go home.
              • Ashraf Eassa | Send Message 22 Aug 2013

                $PCXCQ.OB This is an unfortunate bankruptcy story that is being bid up far too much. Equity is worthless. Article w/ more details coming.
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                • onemantrading | Send Message 26 Aug 2013
                  : several months ago, just before they filed for bankruptcy the stock made a very similar move. Thank you for your assessment
                • wigit5 | Send Message 11 Oct 2013
                  : Well seems like pretty soon they will emerge anyone gonna take a risk on the new shares when they come out?
                  • BornIn87 | Send Message 21 Aug 2013

                    If $PCXCQ.OB can come out of bankruptcy as a profitable company. With their current assets, how high can this stock go?
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                    • joeg1969 | Send Message 21 Aug 2013
                      : Atleast a buck!
                      • caution 4 1 | Send Message 18 May 2013

                        $PCXCQ.OB is a stock that Greg Boyce of BTU will ruin before he burys his own company
                          • BornIn87 | Send Message 12 Oct 2012

                            KOL PCXCQ.OB up 35% today
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                            • LEIGHDIST | Send Message 15 Oct 2012
                              : what a great feeling... go Romney and restore coal
                              • LEIGHDIST | Send Message 11 Oct 2012

                                nice move today PCXCQ.OB , hope to see more of this
                                  • Stockexpertpro | Send Message 17 Jul 2012

                                    PCXCQ.OB PCXCQ The assets are over Half a Billion more then the liablities... This thing is trading dirt cheap down here Sellers are Nuts
                                      • Mercy Jimenez | Send Message 10 Jul 2012

                                        Here's an initial top line POV for remaining coal players after yesterday's PCXCQ.OB event: