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  • tullii | Send Message 12 Jun

    $PENYF Petromanas will re-name itself to PMI Resources Ltd. and $5MM in Cash and 9.9 Million shares after a 70:1 share consolidation 06/14
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    • Daniel oaklandpark | Send Message 12 Jun
      : What is the current story with this company? is Shell still working with them, and what happened with the exploration project?
    • tullii | Send Message 15 Jun
      : Hi Daniel, Shell Oil has acquired just the Albania Assets (Land, Permits, Wells) for $46MM USD. They have relinquished Australia exploration permits and are shutting down Australia, and all that remains is in France, 1 Well and 1 Permit good for 5 years. The new entity is called PENYD and named PMI Resources Ltd. the $5MM USD in escrow is expected to be available for capitalizing the new entity around Sept 27, 2016 (approx. date). Shares trade in the business venture online in Canada under PMI and USA as PENYD although it may take a few days before the new Share Structure from the 70:1 reverse split take effect which reduced the share count to just 9.9 Million shares from the previous 693 million shares issued. Fiore Financial Ltd. run by Billionaire Frank Guistra is managing the winding down of Petromanas as he was the largest private shareholder holding more than 60 million shares via his charity Radcliffe Foundation.
      • tullii | Send Message 24 May

        $PENYF will return $45MM USD to shareholders ... record date June 7 so to get your 8 cents return of capital you need shares held by then
          • tullii | Send Message 12 Mar

            Upcoming Petromanas Vote Will Be Interesting To Watch Post-Meeting And Post-Consolidation $PENYF
              • tullii | Send Message 30 Oct 2015

                $PENYF 5 year low. 2016 should see some momentum. no word from company, sitting tight waiting on news that S-3 will spud in Q4 or early 2016
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                • Kreshnik Bejko | Send Message 13 Nov 2015
                  : S-3 will spud Q-2/16 most likely. I hope that rig does not cost $14M for 280 days like the KCA Deutag did.
                  • tullii | Send Message 21 Oct 2015

                    $PENYF link above shows 56,235,000 shares, TMX 52,471,870, OTCBB 101,000 busy day for Petromanas.
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                    • tullii | Send Message 24 Oct 2015
                      : mossler take on oil
                    • Kreshnik Bejko | Send Message 27 Oct 2015
                      : Most likely a cross. Probably Columbia Wanger wound down its position.
                      • tullii | Send Message 21 Oct 2015

                        $PENYF 45 million out of 909 mm float or 5% of shares traded today. no news. might be a cross
                          • tullii | Send Message 21 Oct 2015

                            $PENYF Somebody is buying alot of Petromanas Shares today. 35 million shares changed hands today and bids are 500,000 per pop.
                              • tullii | Send Message 28 Jul 2015

                                $PENYF The bid applications from Shell and Petromanas indicate Shell is committed to further explore the deep carbonate plays in Albania
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                                • Kreshnik Bejko | Send Message 28 Aug 2015
                                  : Why is $BNKJF not jumping on this, like $PTA did with $PNA in Colombia? $PENYF seems more advanced and promising than $PNA ever was
                                • tullii | Send Message 28 Aug 2015
                                  : it's too big of a $ commitment, only the Supermajors can afford the CAPEX, in my opinion, bankers has a different focus on heavy oil.
                                  • tullii | Send Message 28 Jul 2015

                                    $PENYF Petromanas Energy, $RDS.A Shell bid on 2 more Albanian blocks Block 4, Dumre 1.Shell Upstream Albania BV dhe Petromanas ALBANIA GmbH
                                      • tullii | Send Message 20 May 2015

                                        $PENYF Petromanas gearing for breakout on no news. Up +$0.02 30% on 3MM shares stay tuned
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                                        • GeorjiGirl | Send Message 20 May 2015
                                          : i've been watching for a while. it's a news, no articles...i'm interested in what it's going to do
                                        • tullii | Send Message 21 May 2015
                                          : Yes, perhaps it's about to awaken, it's annual meeting is soon, and the annual oil and gas show in Calgary (their HQ) is June 10.