Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (PHD) - NYSE
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    E.TM.1-2-3 (PHD VDE) E.TM..1-2 (DIA VAW) E.TM..1-3 (SPY VWO) E.TM..2-3 (PGF XLF VPU) E.TM.1 (MDY VNQ) E.TM.E.2 (PHB) E.TM.E.3 (TIP) <c>
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      : SUMMARY OF ABE TANER MOMENTUM (E.TM) (8/23/2012 Thursday) 1,2,3 = 1-m, 2-m, 3-month term. <c>
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      : The TANER System synthesizes performances and relative strengths of 20 ETFs and 40 equities thoroughly yk
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        Wow Dr kris 36% Are you an MD or PHD in economics like to read your posts
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            TANER MOMENTUM:.07/26/11.ABE T2(VNQ BWX) A2(PHD PZA) E2(QQQ TIP) R2(SPY PFM). Two months term. yk
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                Income play: Pioneer Floating Rate Income Trust (PHD) breaking out to a new high. Trust focuses on income w/capital preservation. 6.25% d/y
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                    I am not a Harvard PHD graduate, nor am I selling anything, however the writing is on the wall Americans. Investors should think ahead now!
                      Company Description
                      The Fund is a non-diversified closed-end management investment company with the primarily investment objective of seeking to provide a high level of current income. Capital preservation is the secondary investment objective. Under normal market conditions,
                      Sector: Financial
                      Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
                      Country: United States