Growlife Inc. (PHOT) - Grey Market
  • bdhibbs | Send Message 16 Jun

    $PHOT Growlife Inc. (PHOT)FORM 8-K | Filed: June 16, 2016 What does this mean for GrowLife Inc.?
      • jman66 | Send Message 9 May

        $PHOT Going to be a longer road then anyone ever thought. Welcome to the pot sector! Lets hope November ballots give us a boost!
          • Mc73 | Send Message 5 May

            $PHOT nice PR today...hope something good comes of it
              • jman66 | Send Message 18 Apr

                $PHOT Does not look good for us.
                  • jman66 | Send Message 16 Apr

                    $PHOT Company in default of $254K repayment as of 4/15/16. That's why stock tanking. I smell another high interest loan in the works
                      • jman66 | Send Message 6 Mar

                        $PHOT Patience chewy. Long road ahead with lots of curves. I would love to see .25 or .50. Would put in the black.
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                        • Knight01 | Send Message 6 Mar
                          : What do u think?. Can they get it up to $0.25-$0.50 this year, next year? Seems like their products would continue to be desirable in this environment?
                        • jman66 | Send Message 11 Mar
                          : Possibly. Still a long road so if you buy, buy in small increments and be ready to sell if it spikes. Cash out and rebuy.
                          • chewy1 | Send Message 1 Mar

                            $PHOT will run-marco heghi is my guy--patience---buy now before the train leaves the station---the business model is solid--once on the qb
                              • jman66 | Send Message 23 Feb

                                $PHOT Schwab trades it. Lots of ballot activity this year for this sector. Not saying PHOT will be the clear winner but lots of changes
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                                • Knight01 | Send Message 24 Feb
                                  : Own it, could easily move to $0.25-$0.50 this year
                                  • Drugdoctor | Send Message 22 Feb

                                    High alert today - PENNY STOCKS with POTENTIAL - $PXYN - $RCHAD - $LTNC - $SBFM - $PHOT
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                                    • Knight01 | Send Message 25 Feb
                                      : Like $PHOT. Own it at $0.03
                                      • Drugdoctor | Send Message 21 Feb

                                        High alerts for Monday - $TWTR - $PXYN - $LTNC - $SBFM - $PHOT
                                          Company Description
                                          GrowLife, Inc. is a publicly traded holdings company that makes and markets high end, progressive horticulture and lifestyle products right here in the USA.
                                          Industry: General Building Materials
                                          Country: United States