Pioneer High Income Trust

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  • Tiki Bar Capital | Send Message 24 Jun 2015

    I've been a buyer of $PHT both this week and last. Very solid fund. Outstanding yield. Not likely to trade at these discounts for long.
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    • ussnewyork | Send Message 24 Jul 2015
      : I hope you are right...July 24,2015 now that its down to 10.63...maybe its a good time to buy
    • Tiki Bar Capital | Send Message 25 Jul 2015
      : With oil falling again, I am holding off until oil finds a definitive bottom before buying more $PHT. These prices are tempting though...
      • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 9 Jun 2015

        Buying $PTY and $PHT today.
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        • 446513 | Send Message 24 Jun 2015
          : Yesterday (June 23) I replaced some of my DNP with PTY. Will take another look at PHT.
        • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 24 Jun 2015
          : Good timing!
          • Tiki Bar Capital | Send Message 15 Apr 2015

            Now that oil has bottomed and is on the way back up, shouldn't $PHT appreciate as well? SA indicates current yield of 13.53%!
              • Vertical Spread | Send Message 5 Feb 2015

                The stampede out of $PHT, was crowded and dangerous. But I am done with that.
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                • Guardian3981 | Send Message 6 Feb 2015
                  : I hope it rebounds some...
                  • Vertical Spread | Send Message 4 Feb 2015

                    $PHT, somebody's got some splaining to do!
                      • MexCom | Send Message 28 Jan 2015

                        High Yield negative comments on Yahoo drove them down. % exposure to oil on old data. val drop decreases future risk. $DHS $DHY $HYG $PHT
                          • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 23 Jan 2015

                            I Would Avoid Pioneer High Income Trust At The Present Time $PHT
                              • Value and Income Insights | Send Message 31 Dec 2014

                                Pioneer High Income Trust's 45% Premium Looks Ripe For Contraction In 2015 $PHT
                                  • MexCom | Send Message 3 Oct 2014

                                    Hi-yield mkt signal. DHF trading above yesterdays close on Doji candle. If it closes higher it could be a breakout sig. $HYG $DHF $PHT
                                      • MexCom | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                                        Hi yield outperforming today after climax selling Monday. Expect $DHF to trade into 3.80's before month's end. $DHY $PHT $HYG
                                          Company Description
                                          At least 80% of its assets are invested in below investment grade debt securities, loans and preferred stocks. These securities are rated Ba/BB or lower or are unrated. Junk bonds are generally considered speculative. The investment objective is a high lev