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  • Accendo Markets | Send Message 5 Apr

    The PowerShares Global Water Portfolio ETF: An Ancient Rhyme $PIO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2cy5c
      • Harm Elderman | Send Message 5 Oct 2015

        Loving the water industry $FIW $PHO $PIO http://seekingalpha.com/a/24528
          • Harm Elderman | Send Message 23 Sep 2015

            The Water Industry will continue to grow, worth having a look at $FIW, $PIO and $PHO http://seekingalpha.com/a/23kyw
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            • Tom Landry | Send Message 23 Sep 2015
              : Love my $AWK. Really a sleep-easy investment.
              • Harm Elderman | Send Message 23 Sep 2015

                Investing In Water Is Investing In The Future (Part 3) $PIO http://seekingalpha.com/a/23kyw
                  • bigazul | Send Message 6 May 2015

                    A sector that stuck out in one of my screens today was water. $FIW, $PIO, $PHO, $CGW.
                      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                        Market Notes: How To Profit From A Sinking Ship -- October 1 $PHO, $PIO, $FIW http://seekingalpha.com/p/1z757
                          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 22 Sep 2014

                            Market Notes: Musk Stocks Poised For A Fall? -- September 22 $CUT, $PIO, $FIW http://seekingalpha.com/p/1yiit
                              • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                                Our latest conviction pick, check it out: http://seekingalpha.com/a/1fxgp $RGDEF-OLD $PIO $PHO
                                  • David Stafford | Send Message 1 Aug 2014

                                    Under The Bridge And Into One's Portfolio, Perhaps; Water Stocks $FIW, $CGW, $PIO http://seekingalpha.com/p/1uwyx
                                      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 6 Apr 2014

                                        Water Stocks: How to Invest http://bit.ly/OoKQSP $XYL $FLS $SPXC $GRC $WTR $YORW $CWT $PIO $PHO $MWA $PNR $NWPX $PICO Ideas for water stocks.
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                                        • Energysystems | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                                          : I like $AWK. Huge footprint and his been on a roll for the last 5 years.
                                          PIO Description
                                          The PowerShares Global Water Portfolio (Fund) is based on the NASDAQ OMX Global Water Index. The Fund generally will invest at least 90% of its total assets in companies listed on a global exchange that create products designed to conserve and purify water for homes, businesses and industries.
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