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PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio ETF (PJP)

  • D-struction | Send Message 30 Apr

    $PJP spiking. Very interesting. Vicious rebound coming?
      • D-struction | Send Message 30 Apr

        Doubling down on $PJP here based on 1 yr chart. We will see where this leads.
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        • IndyPEG | Send Message 30 Apr
          : Admire your conviction. I'm doing the same with $SBIO once I rebalance a bit more
        • D-struction | Send Message 30 Apr
          : Well, at this point, the pain is laughable. Just bought some more $LL, too based on some positive comments. Pain is temporary.
          • D-struction | Send Message 30 Apr

            OK, so looking at $PJP chart, everytime it has crossed under the 50 dma it has come right back up. It is now 3% below 50 dma.
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            • TradeIt Mike | Send Message 30 Apr
              : A perfect example of....It works until it doesn't. 2 weeks ago, every drug was going to get FDA approval. Now, not so much.
            • D-struction | Send Message 30 Apr
              : Well, I doubled down. Track record is all I have to go on. Chart is very consistent on 5 yr.
              • D-struction | Send Message 28 Apr

                Deep V recovery in $PJP.
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                • Tom Landry | Send Message 28 Apr
                  : You know I like this. A much easier hold than most of the underlying names.
                  • D-struction | Send Message 27 Apr

                    Nice rebound AH in some names $CLDx $PJP $EYES
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                    • IndyPEG | Send Message 27 Apr
                      : NASDAQ may actually burst at the seams tomorrow.... if it weren't almost May
                    • D-struction | Send Message 27 Apr
                      : Not sure what sing -song crap phrase will he has used this May. I just know big money is engineering this thing.
                      • D-struction | Send Message 27 Apr

                        New position in $CLDX @ 25.14, more $OVAS, $PJP, $KITE and $HCLP. Screw it...
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                        • mstar991 | Send Message 27 Apr
                          : EMES fully loaded already ? Hoping 40 will hold there
                        • D-struction | Send Message 27 Apr
                          : Good to hear Indy. God I hope mstar. If not... oh boy...Stupid Wunderlich and their "brilliant analysts".
                          • Fred Piard | Send Message 21 Apr

                            They told me to put my money where my mouth is $LRCX $MYL $ALFA $FXG $FXH $PJP $PHDG $URA
                              • Vetr | Send Message 14 Apr

                                A Retail ETF to Remember $LOW $WAG $CVS $PJP $WMT $COST $PBE $PMR
                                  • Fred Piard | Send Message 8 Apr

                                    Healthcare rally. Good for $IBB in my CoreETF holdings, and 2 of my very few buy-and-holds: $FXH $PJP
                                      • Tom Landry | Send Message 7 Apr

                                        Sold $FPX for 20% profit and $FXH for 80% profit, consolidated in $PJP at 76.96. 4x position.
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                                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 7 Apr
                                          : I agree. That's why I go WAY overweight on names that are relatively solid when they get punished. Don't fight the trend my friend
                                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 7 Apr
                                          : I will say the recent M&A has me wondering what things will be like in 10-20 yrs
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