The Pulse Beverage Corp.

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  • jtwondering | Send Message 16 Jun 2014

    I like it too. Have you had any interaction with the management team on their plans to scale production? IR/analyst activities? $PLSB
      • PRPResearch | Send Message 13 Jun 2014

        $PLSB We like the stock but their is just no volume
          • jtwondering | Send Message 11 Jun 2014

            I ask because I have been looking at every retailer announced and not found a single one with Pulse product. Inquiry to them bounced. $PLSB
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            • m250xl | Send Message 11 Jun 2014
              : I have purchased their Cabana Lemonade in Safeway stores in Houston and have ordered it from their website as well.
            • jtwondering | Send Message 12 Jun 2014
              : thank you both. I found some product on the shelf today locally.
              • jtwondering | Send Message 10 Jun 2014

                Can anyone independently confirm that this company exists and has products on shelves anywhere? $PLSB
                  • thewebguy | Send Message 20 Feb 2014

                    Pulse Beverage | Building Real Sales $PLSB
                      • AMP Stocks | Send Message 7 Feb 2013

                        $PLSB.OB - Pulse Secures Major Distributor for Pacific Northwest
                          • greenbackers | Send Message 12 Sep 2011

                            PLSB running stron on product/revenue launch PLSB.OB 11:15am EDT 0.73 +0.01 +1.39% 60,130
                              Company Description
                              The company develops, produces, markets and sells its Natural Cabana brand lemonade. The company has relationships with over 150 beverage distributors in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and other countries. In addition to Natural Cabana, the company sells coconut water and is developing a brand of... More