PIMCO Municipal Income Fund III

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  • Vertical Spread | Send Message 14 Aug 2013

    Municipal Bond funds paying almost 9% tax free now. $PMX $EVN
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    • Vertical Spread | Send Message 16 Aug 2013
      : Thanks. THis is the ONLY online commentary I have found http://bit.ly/1ddcxGS
    • Vertical Spread | Send Message 11 Sep 2013
      : Muni bonds now paying right at 9% ($EVN). I don't get it unless, it's just the substitution effect of higher rates all around.
      • Vertical Spread | Send Message 25 Jul 2013

        My favorite Munis getting slaughtered still, $EVN, $PMX, $EIM. Maybe this is tradable pin action, maybe foreward guidance.
          • Vertical Spread | Send Message 14 Mar 2013

            $PMX trading at 7% yield at today's price. That's tax free monthly income people. Are you sure you want the S&P 500?
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            • Vertical Spread | Send Message 15 Mar 2013
              : Seeing more droppage in these monthly muni funds. Feel like I am missing something.
              • Vertical Spread | Send Message 16 Oct 2012

                Currently holding ARR, BOND, PHT, PMX, PHF, EIM, EOI, EVN, and PHK (ouch!) for income. Also IAU, XLF.
                  Company Description
                  Provides current income by investing in municipal fixed-income securities exempt from federal income tax. Under normal market conditions, the Fund will invest substantially all (at least 90%) of its total assets in municipal bonds that are exempt from fede