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  Prudential Financial, Inc. - NYSE

9/22/2014, 5:36 PM ET
  • Chines33 | Send Message 9 Nov 2011

    Long PRU APA ESV BHP JCI ETN DD JOY TJX PG SNY EMC BRCM..short TJX..Intra excellent scalps not enough to get me even.
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    • jason2713 | Send Message 9 Nov 2011
      : quick everyone write down his holdings so we can call him out in 3 days for losing.
    • Trader14 | Send Message 9 Nov 2011
      : Why does Chines announce the positions are "heavy" after he closes them and never mentions them being large when he enters?
      PRU vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Prudential Financial Inc through it's subsidiaries and affiliates, offers financial products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds and investment management.
      Sector: Financial
      Industry: Life Insurance
      Country: United States