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  Prudential Financial, Inc. - NYSE

11/26/2014, 5:15 AM ET
  • Chines33 | Send Message 29 Nov 2011

    Long PRU PG EMC APA DD SBUX TVIX...we failed at 1203 twice reason not show a little caution in no mans land.Net Long still.
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    • Chines33 | Send Message 29 Nov 2011
      : TJX in mid 50s on my radar as well.
    • The_American | Send Message 29 Nov 2011
      : Long TVIX that's like "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like Victory" u got guts. Long GLD or UGLD SLV USLV safer-Iran?
      PRU vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Prudential Financial Inc through it's subsidiaries and affiliates, offers financial products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds and investment management.
      Sector: Financial
      Industry: Life Insurance
      Country: United States