UBS ETRACS CMCI Short Platinum Excess Return ETN

PTD is defunct since June 5, 2013. Lack of investor interest
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  • susanzzw7 | Send Message 15 Jun 2011

    am getting buy list together. APA, PTD (for my mom's IRA), SDRL, ARIA, MELI (maybe), and maybe INTC
      • Thomas Pan | Send Message 19 Nov 2009

        China's platinum jewelry market poised to double. PGM PTD PTM
          PTD Description
          The UBS ETRACS CMCI Short Platinum Excess Return is designed to track the short, or inverse, performance of the UBS Bloomberg CMCI Platinum Excess Return, plus a fixed income return based on a hypothetical 91-day Treasury Bill portfolio, less investor fees. The CMCI Platinum ER measures the uncollateralized returns from a basket of platinum futures contracts. The commodity futures contracts are targeted for a constant maturity of three months.
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