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QEP Resources, Inc. (QEP)

  • Dallas Salazar | Send Message 20 Aug

    With Liquidity The Prime Asset In Oil Finding A Bottom, QEP Resources Looks Good $QEP
      • Richard Zeits | Send Message 11 Aug

        QEP Resources: Testing Downspacing Limits In The Bakken $QEP
          • beleggersclub | Send Message 2 Aug

            CONFIRMED breakout $QEP, $CSOD, $RDUS
              • timtrading | Send Message 1 Jul

                $QEP, $FTR, $ABX, stocks hitting support
                  • Neal Shanske | Send Message 23 Jun

                    Baxalta Set To Enter S&P 500, Baxter Will leave S&P 100 On Completion Of Spinoff $BAX $BXLT $PCLN $QEP $ITRI $ACI
                      • PetroEngInvestor | Send Message 29 May

                        After quarterly updates eyeing: $EOG, $COP, $XOM, $CVX, $APA, $APC, $CLR, $WLL, $HES, $QEP. Midstream and Service: $ENBL, $AMID, $SPN, $SLB
                          • Richard Zeits | Send Message 26 May

                            QEP Resources: High-Intensity Completions Increase Early Well Performance In The Bakken By 85% $QEP
                              • Dallas Salazar | Send Message 8 May

                                QEP Resources - Waiting Out Higher Prices But With Flexibility $QEP
                                  • smitsky | Send Message 24 Apr

                                    Sold $QEP here.
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                                    • smitsky | Send Message 11 May
                                      : Revisiting this trade at this time: $QEP did briefly turn upwards. I could have made a bit. However this issue has now turned over and is
                                    • smitsky | Send Message 11 May
                                      : trading ~7% lower than where I sold it.
                                      • smitsky | Send Message 14 Apr

                                        $QEP: watching the intraday high of $23.19 made on Feb. 18th for higher highs. Higher lows are already in.
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                                        • smitsky | Send Message 27 Apr
                                          : decided to bail out.
                                        • smitsky | Send Message 28 Apr
                                          : I should have added instead of bailing out. Stock is turning and headed upwards.
                                          Company Description
                                          QEP Resources Inc is a holding company with two subsidiaries, which are engaged in oil and gas exploration and production and oil and gas marketing, operation of the Haynesville Gathering System and an underground gas storage facility.