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Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR)

  • John Gordon | Send Message 23 Nov

    More Tim Horton's ($QSR) weakness noted in upstate NY and Maine. As franchisees run out of money, they close.
      • John Gordon | Send Message 18 Nov

        Many $SBUX stats here: $5 ticket, 20% food, $5 revenue per star awarded blows away $DNKN and Tim's ($QSR).
          • John Gordon | Send Message 13 Oct

            $WEN shift to discounting; will $MCD and Burger King $QSR follow? Thanks to @NRN @jonathanmaze for quote !
              • Christopher Fisher | Send Message 25 Sep

                Large Gains In Restaurant Brands Unit Conversions $QSR
                  • John Gordon | Send Message 26 Aug

                    $QSR Burger King: saucy and hot new marketing tone clearly seen; fiery chicken fries and $MCD challenge.
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                    • matratra | Send Message 26 Aug
                      : Don't like BK as their food is lousy & coffee stink. Not willing to pay top dollars for it.
                    • tradebr2010 | Send Message 26 Aug
                      : $QSR great Brazilian mgt with Midas touch.
                      • Darryl Date-Shappard | Send Message 20 Aug

                        Restaurant Brands International Delivers Good Performance Versus Fast Food Rivals $QSR
                          • Michael Henage | Send Message 12 Aug

                            3 Numbers To Watch At Restaurant Brands International $QSR
                              • Daniel James | Send Message 31 Jul

                                Restaurants Brands Sees Comps Soar, But Bottom Line Looks Foggy $QSR
                                  • John Gordon | Send Message 27 Jul

                                    Arby's most noteworthy, and today's strong BK ($QSR) and expected $SONC SSS do relate to $MCD US declines.
                                      • Brian5 | Send Message 27 Jul

                                        Anyone knows why performances for $QSR in Canada and $QSR in US are different? YTD, $QSR in CA is 15%; $QSR in US is 3%.
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                                        • subrosa6793 | Send Message 1 Oct
                                          : Is it possible Tim Horton`s was included in sales figures?
                                          Company Description
                                          Restaurant Brands International Inc owns and operates restaurants. It is a quick service restaurant company. The Company's brands include Tim Hortons and Burger King.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Restaurants
                                          Country: United States