Rubicon Technology, Inc. (RBCN) - NASDAQ
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    Paragon $PGNT Calls on Rubicon $RBCN to Explain Appointment of Director with Questionable Record.
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        Paragon Technologies $PGNT Responds to Rubicon's $RBCN Weak Turnaround Plan.
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            Rubicon $RBCN fights back against Paragon $PGNT and Hesham Gad.
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                Paragon $PGNT Asks Rubicon $RBCN Board to Stop Its $1 Million Proxy Campaign to Remain Entrenched.
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                    $RBCN oversupply has this one moving north
                      • wilkinson99 | Send Message 5 Jan

                        Top % Losers: $MNKD -27%, $RBCN -17%, $CLF -12%, $CJES -12%, $RJETQ -12%, $AKBA -11%, $TDW -9% $BBW $NAV $HK $UNT $RUN $LXU $WTI $VUZI $CRC
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                          : thanks
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                          : X if lxu can survive the trauma, do you think the pieces can come back together
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                            Technology #Stocks Trading DOWN > 2% On Unusual/Strong Relative Volume: $SPLK $PLUS $QADA $RBCN +Others
                              • Liam Mulcahy | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

                                Rubicon Should Be Trading At A Discount To Cash $RBCN
                                  • Dennis Seaman | Send Message 16 Oct 2014

                                    GT Advanced Technologies' Sapphire Wind-Down A Game Changer For Wafer Prices, Rubicon $GTATQ, $RBCN
                                      • The Lurking Bull | Send Message 14 Oct 2014

                                        Rubicon Probably Won't Replace GT Advanced Technologies $RBCN
                                          Company Description
                                          Rubicon Technology, Inc. is a vertically integrated, advanced electronic materials provider specializing in monocrystalline sapphire for applications in light-emitting diodes, optical systems and specialty electronic devices. The company applies its proprietary crystal growth technology to... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Semiconductor - Specialized
                                          Country: United States