Rubicon Technology, Inc.

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  • Michael Blake Kuritz | Send Message 28 Jan

    $RBCN oversupply has this one moving north
      • wilkinson99 | Send Message 5 Jan

        Top % Losers: $MNKD -27%, $RBCN -17%, $CLV -12%, $CJES -12%, $RJET -12%, $AKBA -11%, $TDW -9% $BBW $NAV $HK $UNT $RUN $LXU $WTI $VUZI $CRC
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        • X Oil-Field | Send Message 12 Jan
          : Oil slips toward $30, traders bet on more falls. $AXAS $BBEP $GDP $HK $LNCO $SD $SFY $SFYWQ $PVA $UPL $TRCH Reuters
        • MtBudmoreView | Send Message 20 Jan
          : X if lxu can survive the trauma, do you think the pieces can come back together
          • Shiraz Lakhi | Send Message 29 May 2015

            Technology #Stocks Trading DOWN > 2% On Unusual/Strong Relative Volume: $SPLK $PLUS $QADA $RBCN +Others
              • Liam Mulcahy | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

                Rubicon Should Be Trading At A Discount To Cash $RBCN
                  • Dennis Seaman | Send Message 16 Oct 2014

                    GT Advanced Technologies' Sapphire Wind-Down A Game Changer For Wafer Prices, Rubicon $GTATQ, $RBCN
                      • The Lurking Bull | Send Message 14 Oct 2014

                        Rubicon Probably Won't Replace GT Advanced Technologies $RBCN
                          • Paulo Santos | Send Message 13 Oct 2014

                            There's Reason To Be Pessimistic And Optimistic On Rubicon Technology $RBCN
                              • pat45 | Send Message 10 Oct 2014

                                SELLING 1/2 $RBCN on rumor pop. Will apple run sapphire factory...aapl owns it leased to docs. $AAPL may produce its own sapphire
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                                • JDAdams51 | Send Message 13 Oct 2014
                                  : $AAPL will watch and wait. Hearing is 10/15. They need supplier now for Watch.This will be interesting. I won't sell.
                                • JDAdams51 | Send Message 17 Oct 2014
                                  : Mesa $GTATQ plan is shutting down. Close date Dec. 30. 750 employees given notice 10/16. RIP GTAT
                                  • JDAdams51 | Send Message 10 Oct 2014

                                    Rumored $RBCN may replace $GTATQ as sapphire provider for $APPL. RBCN jumped about $2 per share an hour ago... now up about $.85 Interesting
                                      • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 10 Oct 2014

                                        $RBCN Hearing strength on speculation Rubicon could be named Apple supplier $GTATQ alternative.
                                          Company Description
                                          Rubicon Technology Inc is an electronic materials provider that develops, manufactures and sells monocrystalline sapphire and other crystalline products for LEDs, RFICs, blue laser diodes, optoelectronics and other optical applications.