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  • John Kingham | Send Message 11 Jul

    Why I've Sold Reckitt Benckiser After Its Recent Post-Brexit Surge $RBGLY
      • Yonakit | Send Message 30 Jun

        Sold all $BP. Parts $HRL, $HSY, $DEO, $WWAV, $BUD, $NSRGY, $RBGLY, $VGK, $VYMI. Reduced leverage 1.4 to 1.3.
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        • Yonakit | Send Message 30 Jun
          : If VGK and VYMI can keep it up, should be in a nice position to further reduce. Ideally would like to be at 1.2.
          • Yonakit | Send Message 9 Jun

            Picked up monitor position of $RBGLY. This is one been meaning to get for awhile but always forget about when it's in a better value range.
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            • matratra | Send Message 9 Jun
              : I would be more inclined to buy it below $18 as their PE is higher than other major.
            • Yonakit | Send Message 9 Jun
              : No problem. Another one is Henkel. Basically, the same situation. I'm less familiar with their brands though.
              • Dividends are Coming | Send Message 31 May

                Reckitt Benckiser: A Dividend Thas Has More Than Quintupled Since 1999 $RBGLY, $RBGPF
                  Company Description
                  RB is a global force in household, health and personal care. Its 19 Powerbrands, in high growth categories, take a disproportionate share of RB's top end marketing investment. Powerbrands drive over 70% of growth. Innovations launched in the last 3 years generate around 30% net revenue.<br /><br... More
                  Country: United Kingdom