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  • Retirefund | Send Message 30 Dec 2014

    The Synergy Between Natural Gas, Lithium And Graphite $RDNAF, $FCSMF, $MGPHF http://seekingalpha.com/p/254y5
      • earthtodan | Send Message 3 Jul 2014

        Finally bought $RDNAF based on the IR email for permission to send news updates. Looks like the 10k volume today is mine.
          • acrturus | Send Message 30 Oct 2013

            Anyone still following this thing? What happened to all the supposed lithium demand? $RDNAF
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            • earthtodan | Send Message 31 Oct 2013
              : They issued new shares recently. I placed a below market order today. http://bit.ly/1drPiIA
              • Retirefund | Send Message 16 Oct 2012

                Todays news - 99.75% Pure Lithium Carbonate produced at Rodinia Lithium---http://dld.bz/bPX3d RDNAF.PK ROC LIT SQM CNQ CLQMF.PK FMC
                  • Retirefund | Send Message 23 Aug 2012

                    Ahhhh Vindication! Sweet isn't it. Rockwood to buy Talison for $724m stock up 53% today..TLTHF.PK WLCDF.PK RDNAF.PK
                      • Retirefund | Send Message 26 Jun 2012

                        CNBC will run a story tonight on the current shortage of lithium! LIT TLTHF.PK WLC RDNAF.PK SQM FMC
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                        • realornot | Send Message 26 Jun 2012
                          : wait... is that time to take over Afghanistan? They got nothing but Lithium there!
                        • Retirefund | Send Message 26 Jun 2012
                          : A little knowledge can be dangerous Realomot. Maybe you should begin educating yourself on the li market before commenting.
                          • Retirefund | Send Message 17 May 2012

                            German Solar company goes searching for Lithium deposits - Here's why--->http://dld.bz/b2sxR TLTHF.PK RDNAF.PK WLCDF.PK LIT AMEL.OB SQM FMC
                              • Retirefund | Send Message 21 Mar 2012

                                LIT - Lithium market to jump 420% by 2020 - Report--->http://dld.bz/bfQCv TLTHF.PK RDNAF.PK WLCDF.PK SQM
                                  • Retirefund | Send Message 21 Mar 2012

                                    TLTHF.PK Talison has moved up 25% over the past month. I think it is just the start! LIT SQM RDNAF.PK WLCDF.PK
                                      • Retirefund | Send Message 13 Mar 2012

                                        RDNAF.PK Wow! Can't believe this stock is trading under a buck, let alone under .25 cents. But we'll keep buying!!
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                                        • Retirefund | Send Message 14 Mar 2012
                                          : Yea, Been watching TLTHF.PK with a smile on my face.
                                        • psmith819 | Send Message 14 Mar 2012
                                          : any word on the issue with rndaf.pk about taxes? or something along those lines in another country?