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10/21/2014, 6:52 PM ET
  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 1 Jan 2012

    I wouldn't touch Renren (RENN). Think about it, social media in China? Nah.
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    • kevinbwall | Send Message 27 Jan 2012
      : I think to shun China, is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Yes, there are accounting frauds, and maybe their regulations are lax.
    • Michael Bryant | Send Message 27 Jan 2012
      : No, of course don't shun China. But instead of going through smallcaps that may be fraud, why not buy BIDU, CEO, TSL, and CHU.
      RENN vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Renren Inc is engaged in the operation of social networking internet platform, as well as provision of online advertising services and internet value-added services, including online gaming operations, online talent show and other IVAS, among others.